More lane closures coming east of Raleigh

Posted January 2, 2014
Updated January 3, 2014

— When the Department of Transportation returns to work in the first full week of 2014, crews will extend lane closures in the westbound lanes of Interstate 440 just east of downtown Raleigh.

Work on the Fortify project began in December, with lanes reduced between the I-440/I-40 interchange and Poole Road. That shift slowed the commute significantly for drivers headed to downtown Raleigh from Johnston County and the east side of the city.

On Friday and Saturday nights, crews will begin replacing orange construction barrels in that stretch with permanent concrete barriers to keep drivers out of the work zone. In total, DOT crews will install nearly 3,000 barriers in the I-440 portion of the project.

Early next week, weather permitting, crews will close off those same westbound lanes all the way to the Knightdale Bypass, U.S. Highway 64/264. From I-40 to U.S. 64, westbound drivers on I-440 will share only two lanes. 

That stretch will be marked by construction barrels until early next week, when crews will finish replacing them with concrete barriers.

Within two weeks, travel in both directions of I-440 between I-40 and U.S. 64 will be down to two lanes.

Once the concrete barriers are in place, that's when the big work begins. Crews will work around the clock to cut out the interstate and rebuild it piece by piece. Abbott says the scope of the work means the lanes will be closed for the duration of the year-long phase of the project.

Once the section of I-440 is replaced, the crews move on to the bigger piece of the Fortify project – replacing pavement on the stretch of I-40 that circles south of downtown Raleigh.

That work should begin early next year and continue into 2016.


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  • bnlncteach Jan 3, 2014

    Thanks to admin 38 I think we have officially the dumbest person in NC !

  • bnlncteach Jan 3, 2014

    Admin 38 you make no sense, have you read your posts? Keep the closures, smaller roads, less traffic , no old cars, clearly roads and infrastructure are liberal constructs followed by but get the private developers in they will am,e more jobs and bring more people get rid of all regulations so they can come in. And when all those people come in where are they going to drive to and what will those jobs housing developers create, how long can construction go on with no other jobs. Liberal and conservative policies need to meet in the middle to have the best benefit, not your crazy if they look poor get rid of them and being in some more rich folks that look the part so I feel better( yeah that is pretty much what your posts sounded like) As a non rich, homeowners who both have full time jobs in private and public industries and have never once had government assistance my husband and I just have to say SMH with all you have posted on this think.

  • TP4Real Jan 2, 2014

    I have zero sympathy. It's all the result of too much development.

    Typical lib remark. Good developers trying to run a business and create good jobs run up against all kinds of regulations trying to prevent them from home building.

  • aspenstreet1717 Jan 2, 2014

    In the long run bigger/wider roads makes traffic worse. Not better.

  • bnlncteach Jan 2, 2014

    Admin38. I hope you are being sarcastic, if not um wow.....

    Lets get all the hardworking people going to their JOBS off the road and if they don't have a nice new car get off the road, even though you don't want them to drive to their job....SMH...

    But I hope you are being sarcastic...

  • TP4Real Jan 2, 2014

    I hope our islature makes those closures permanent. We spend too much of our tax dollars fixing stuff that shouldn't have been done in the first place except that libs were "making work" with our tax dollars. The sooner we can end these freeloader work programs, the quicker we can reduce taxes. Extra lanes only encourage folks to drive in them and once they do, you can't take them back away. If we force these folks to take some personal responsibility for their driving, maybe they'll think twice next time. I think we should also include drug testing before issuing any drivers licenses. That would keep a lot of the welfare riff-raff off the roads and reduce the amount of lanes and upkeep needed. Have you seen how many old, beat up cars are on the roads these days? It's like the poor are taking over our roads. Not to mention all of them not paying their tolls like in that story the other day. Bunch of lib freeloaders that think everything should be free and given to them.

  • aspenstreet1717 Jan 2, 2014

    I have zero sympathy. It's all the result of too much development.