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More homes, more traffic planned for Crabtree mall area

Posted July 24, 2014

Raleigh City leaders are working to reduce traffic congestion around Crabtree Valley Mall.

— The strip of Glenwood Avenue encompassing Crabtree Valley Mall – already one of the most congested areas in the region – is about to welcome Creekside at Crabtree, a new, multi-family complex on Crabtree Valley Avenue, behind the mall and down the street from McDonald's.

Scheduled for completion in 2016, Creekside will feature 34 townhomes alongside 301 apartments, which will be a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom units. The property is connected to the upper-level parking deck of the mall, near Belk’s, through an existing bridge.

One of the largest concerns – aside from the fact that, like the mall, these new developments are located in a basin prone to flooding – is the potential impact on traffic in the surrounding area. During the morning rush, 8,000 cars pass through the area each hour; 10,000 per hour pass in the evening.

Given the property’s location, much of the new traffic flowing out of it will likely filter onto Creedmoor Road, and not directly onto Glenwood, as much of the current mall traffic does. Whether this will alleviate any of the added congestion brought by the hundreds of new residents remains to be seen.

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  • Heywood Gjabloughme Jul 30, 2014

    Can't believe all the whiny libs here. This is progress. The investors make lots of $$$. This in turn trickles down to all the construction workers who need jobs to feed their families and stay off the free gubmint money. Saves me money in taxes.

  • Mariann Byknish Jul 25, 2014
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    All the developers see is $$$$$$$. I dont go there, no need for a Mall when I have everything I need either 2 miles away, or a click away on Ebay. You can have your cement lives.. so sad that this is what some of mankind thinks as Living

  • NCSUEngineerFC Jul 25, 2014

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    I had the same question. And everywhere you turn trees are coming down and developers are using up every last square inch of available land.

  • Roy Pine Jul 25, 2014
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    Here's the thing that gets me. It's not just Crabtree. I see these mondo big housing and multi-use developments going up all over the area -- Briar Creek, downtown, all along the northern part of 540.

    Where are the people to fill these units coming from?? I know we're a fast-growing area, but at the rate of construction we're going to have gain 40-50% population every 5 years just to keep from having a housing bubble burst.

  • Barbara Horton Jul 24, 2014
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    I work and live close to Crabtree. The traffic already sucks!

  • Vietnam Vet Jul 24, 2014

    Yeah, that's what the Crabtree Mall area needs...MORE TRAFFIC!!!

  • TarHeelBrit Jul 24, 2014

    What brainiac thought this gem up? No doubt someone who doesn't have to drive that area everyday. It's already congested enough with freeway and mall traffic now someone wants to add 335 homes with cars to the equation.

  • NCSUEngineerFC Jul 24, 2014

    The Forbes article about Raleigh is sure to bring even more congestion to the area! Woohoo! Soon we'll be crowdsurfing down Glenwood Ave.

  • Hope Lives Jul 24, 2014
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    Way to go Raleigh city planners. This is going to make this SO much better in that area!

  • NOT Apologizing For Being White Jul 24, 2014

    I just don't go down there. This will reiterate that thought.