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More charges possible after man injured in Selma bar fight dies

Posted September 28, 2010

— A Four Oaks man who was injured at a Selma nightclub 10 days ago has died, and police said Tuesday that they might pursue additional charges against his alleged assailant.

Clinton Alexander Massengill, 23, went to Club Riptide, on U.S. Highway 301 South, on Sept. 18 with family and friends. Police said he was hit in the face at the club, and he fell to the floor, hitting his head on the concrete.

Brian Wayne Bailey, 25, of Whitley Road in Middlesex, was charged after the incident with assault inflicting serious injury.

Massengill died Sunday at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, and Selma police and the State Bureau of Investigation are reviewing the case to determine whether charges against Bailey should be upgraded.

Police said they are awaiting autopsy results from the State Medical Examiner's Office before consulting with the Johnston County District Attorney's Office.


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  • lbiggins Oct 1, 2010

    I don't think people should be online talking about stuff that they really don't know what 100% of the facts are. I have known Bailey for almost 9 years and know that he wouldn't knowly hurt anyone on purpose. All families involved are sad at what has happened and I just think that we should all just keep our comments to ourselves.

  • swtninnocent Oct 1, 2010

    regardless what anyone else has to say he was my friend and i am talking about riptides because i havnt been there in months and would not ever go back so technically i can talk all i want to about the place bc i dont go there i have BEEN there people need to learn how to read! i do not go there no more havnt been in 6 or 7 months and will not ever return its a waste of money and time and they dont do nothing but pay people off to lie for them i know this because i knew the ex wife end of story..and yes i agree no one should be running there mouth we just layed him to rest today and i think thats one of the hardest things i ever had to do was say goobye to a dear friend! now if the shoe was on the other foot everyone else would feel the same way & espcially as nice as clint was to any and everyone he didnt deserve that and security are no good they knew about everything!

  • ashleypowers Sep 30, 2010


    It could happen anywhere.

    I am not sure that running your mouth is the most respectful thing to be doing at a time like this.

    My prayers go out to Clint's Family and Friends.

  • wellspoken Sep 30, 2010

    Trey, I sent you a message back!

  • swtninnocent Sep 30, 2010

    No worries i will not return ever n waste my money n thanks trey for agreein im sure alotta others would agree to n thats y riptides is bein sued bc of a boy got in a fight n fell over the bull that shouldnt have been there so yes they can ban me bc i havnt been in a few months so i could careless obv if i was goin to go back there then i wouldnt b lashin out but they are a sorry excuse for a club and again i have freedom of speech and idc what you or Anyone else thinks

  • swtninnocent Sep 30, 2010

    and Raleigh1983 i agree with you 100% we are going to do whatever it takes (: Clint didnt deserve what happen to him and NO ONE deserves that! not even someones worst enemy

  • swtninnocent Sep 30, 2010

    jocogurl sorry but your very wrong bc i was in the brawl where there were at least 50 ppl out there fight k thanks and they do fight out there almost EVERY weekend & that place needs to be shut down & TK7 Clint is one of my best friends the guy did indeed text him askin where he was and then hit him and did not cont. to hit him he RAN he only hit him once clints head hit the concrete floor and it makes me mad how ppl think they know what they are talkin about about that club when i have indeed been there SEVERAL times and they ALWAYS fight and NO JOCO GURL it did NOT start outside first soon as he walked in and paid he got hit for NO REASON so get ya facts straight before you THINK you know what you are talking about because he was a dear friend to me & that club needs to be shut down they fight to much in there and yes it can happen anywhere but it DIDNT they always fight there ALWAYS and we will do whatever it takes to try and have that plae SHUT DOWN! SBI is invovled

  • umop apisdn Sep 29, 2010

    "Were they drinking alcohol?"

    Do you really need to ask this?

  • TK7 Sep 29, 2010

    from what I have heard from friends close to this is that somebody called Clinton to make sure he was going to the club that night, and Bailey meet him there and blindsided him with a punch with brass knuckes and continued to punch him while he was on the ground and not responsive.

  • wildcat Sep 29, 2010

    A tragic incident indeed to all those involved. Were they drinking alcohol?