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Moore teen killed in crash near Carthage

Posted January 3, 2014

— A Moore County teenager died Thursday night in a one-car crash on a slick road near Carthage, authorities said.

Kayla Lineberry, 16, of Cameron, was heading home from her boyfriend's house at about 8:45 p.m. when her car ran off the right side of Summer Hill Church Road, west of Carthage, according to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. She tried to get back onto the road but lost control of the car and ran off the side of the road again and into a tree.

Lineberry was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lineberry was home with her boyfriend, Zach Williamson, and her sister, Hannah Garner, when she asked to drive Williamson's pickup back to his house. Garner said her sister wanted a pickup of her own.

"She wanted to drive his truck home, and he said, 'No, it's raining,'" Garner said Friday. "She said, 'Well, you told me I could drive your truck,' and he was, like, 'Fine, you can drive my truck.'"

After dropping off Williamson, Lineberry hopped into her Toyota Corolla for the trip home, but the Corolla ended up wrapped around a pine tree.

"As soon as we got (to the crash site), I jumped out of my car and said, 'Where's my baby? Take me to her,'" said Lineberry's mother, Dana Garner. "They said, 'No, we can't take you to her,' and I said, 'Please, I have to hold her.'"

On Friday, a cross made of two-by-fours stood next to the pine tree, topped by a Bass Pro Shops hat.

Lineberry, a former cheerleader, loved the outdoors and was much tougher than she looked, according to her mother. She even played nose tackle on the Union Pines High junior varsity football team in 2012.

"She was determined. She was better than some of the guys," Dana Garner said. "They had a problem with it at first, but then she went out there and gave it 100 percent at every practice, and they saw what she was made of."

Lineberry left Union Pines High this year and was taking classes online to graduate early. Her mother said she wanted to join the military or work in law enforcement.

Despite her toughness, her sister said she had a genteel nature.

"The last few months, all she's been talking about is God. She wrote on Facebook, 'I thank God for everything,'" Hannah Garner said.

Troopers said the wet roadway likely was a factor in the crash, and they ruled out speeding, cellphone use and alcohol as factors. Lineberry was wearing a seat belt, they said.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 6, 2014

    @danachristian03 said, "this is a time to show respect not blame."

    I disagree. This is a time to figure out what happened and take measures (E.g. increased education, improved safety devices, increased accident recording devices) to prevent recurrences. This is not a funeral parlor with the relatives listening nearby. This is how we evolve and improve.

  • GALNC Jan 6, 2014

    Consider that 20 or 30 years ago, your comment would be considered nonsense. Kids are old enough to drive at 16, or should be. The problem is that many 18 yo kids still act like 14 yo kids. They're babied too much, except when they violate a law -- then they're suddenly called a "man". Our society is strange.

    Interesting how times change over the years. With each passing year, people think kids should get married later, drink alcohol later, drive later, etc. Push it all out and then the next thing you know, you'll have irresponsible 21 year olds and people will say it needs to be 30 before kids can reach the age of "adult". -- Paulej

    My prayers to the family on their loss. Lets stop the second guessing and mourn a life taken much too soon. That is why this is called a accident....

  • Gnathostomata Jan 3, 2014

    Driver's education does not teach everything needed by young drivers. Maybe we need to add these precautions to the test. I do not have enough words to let the parents know the sympathy I have for their loss. She sounds like a wonderful teenager, full of life and spunk!

  • carrboroyouth Jan 3, 2014

    This could have happened to you.

    Absolutely. People need to look in the mirror and realize that they are human, too.

  • cruisechik Jan 3, 2014

    "There is a driving school called BRAKES that is held at the Charlotte dragstrip. One of the many things this wonderful program teaches is how to recover when you drop wheels off the side of the road." - AZS

    Thank you for posting this information. I am signing my 16yr old daughter up for this course.

    I am very sad for the family of this girl. I am glad the police reported cellphone, alcohol, etc were not factors in the crash. Inexperienced and experienced drivers can be overcome by unfamiliar situations. Let's not judge this poor girl and instead let's support her family.

  • danachristian03 Jan 3, 2014

    There are really some unnecessary comments here. This was someone's child, sister, granddaughter, girlfriend and a friend to more people than many of you could imagine. Kayla was a sweet caring child. She could light up any room she walked into with her smile and personality. This road is a very curvy road to begin with. No one knows what caused the accident. There could have been a deer or anything. Come on people this is a time to show respect not blame. Shame on you!

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 3, 2014

    So, it's just driver's error?

    Maximum Safe Speed Limit are exactly that, Maximums, for a given road...daylight, dry road, car 100% functional & maintained, both hands on the wheel, no distractions, ...

    If it's dark, raining and you've been driving for less than a year, then you probably should be going 10 MPH under the Maximum.

    Or, maybe the police found the car's black box that 90% of new cars have...


  • RGMTRocks Jan 3, 2014

    All of you talking about the driver's ed program......My kids went through the DE program...BUT my husband took them out driving in all kinds of conditions, traffic congestion, country roads, highways, etc AND taught them about running off the road and how to control that and get back on safely without losing control. He also taught them about wet roads, skids, ice, etc. When they spent that year with permits prior to getting their license, the pretty much drove everywhere we went with supervision and us providing them those tips about things that only more experienced drivers might think about - pointing out things happening on the road and teaching them to anticipate, be watchful, etc. ALL parents should do that and stop outsourcing your kids' driving education solely to the DE programs. Aside from that, this is very sad for all. My heart goes out to the young lady's family, friends and boyfriend. I know they'll all miss her so much and their hearts are broken. Prayers for them.

  • vt94hokies Jan 3, 2014

    Sad situation. God bless all of her loved ones.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Jan 3, 2014

    Disabled Vet - "I think it is time to re evaluate the drivers ed program and have them spend more time on things like what to do when your right side tires drop off the road."

    Troopers also said the roadway was wet.

    Add that to the mix, and there are many adults that would have had trouble avoiding an accident.