Monday wrap: Till death do us part

Posted April 1, 2013

— A bill to make divorces harder to get in North Carolina could be heard in the Senate this week.

The Wrap @NCCapitol (April 1) The Wrap @NCCapitol (April 1)

Meanwhile, lawmakers also are expected to debate giving letter grades to schools and requiring ignition interlocks for everyone convicted of impaired driving.


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  • atc2 Apr 2, 2013

    This marriage bill is a pathetic joke. These poiticians have nothing better to do but waste NC citizens time and money. Thus far, McCrory and NC politicians are a laughing stock (which I knew they would be and I am a republican who did not vote for this corrupt Governor)

  • ctya Apr 2, 2013

    This should have never made it to the floor to be heard. That's the same question I have kleigh444 who is going to pay for the counsellings with more people without health insurance. That's a bit controlling to me. I think maybe they should have a waiting period to marry not divorce.

  • kleigh444 Apr 2, 2013

    The NC GA wants to require people who want to divorce to co-habit? Are they forgetting their conservative principles of small government?

    Nothing says 'Big Brother is watching' like making a woman live with a man she fears with good reason, or making a man share a home with a woman who does not want him there.

    I believe the adults in NC are able to make the decision of who to marry, and who not to stay married to, without the instruction of the government. Making 2 people wait a whole year after a legal separation, as we do now, before they can re-marry is onerous enough.

    btw, who is going to pay for this compulsory counseling? That can run into thousands of dollars. Will the state pay? or is it a scam to provide work for college educated social workers fired by the state in the latest rounds of DHHS cuts, paid by the divorcing citizens out of their own funds, in addition to lawyers and child support and now double rent? divorcing people are known to be short on funds.