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Monday meal plan: Quesadillas, chicken parmesan & more!

Posted May 6, 2013


This week at the Prosser homestead, I'll be cooking up some veggie and cheese quesadillas, chicken parmesan, salmon burgers, whole baked chicken and more! If you plan a weekly menu, please share it here!

Meatless Monday

Veggie and cheese quesadillas with sautéed green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

Homemade guacamole using .50 avocados from Food Lion through Tuesday. For the guacamole, I just mash 2 ripe avocados, add a spoonful of light sour cream to make it even creamier, 1 clove chopped garlic and some chopped tomatoes.


Green salad


Chicken parmesan using chicken from Lowes Foods ($1.99/lb through Tuesday), free Mueller’s Hidden Veggie pasta from HT sale and .55 coupon, pasta sauce, green peppers, Vidalia onions and cheese.

Broccoli florets

Sister Shubert’s mini loaf


It’s a very busy night on Wednesday so we are having a very easy meal: Pizza night! DiGiorno Pizzeria pizza (on sale at HT through Tuesday for $5 - $2 printable available recently = $3)

Steamfresh sugar snap peas

Orange slices


Salmon burgers on rolls with tomato slices, lettuce and onions

Pasta salad with veggies

Steamed carrots with a touch of Parmesan and butter



Baked whole chicken (from sale a couple months ago)

Baked sweet potatoes

Green salad



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  • jdouglas13 May 6, 2013

    Nakabi, not mint for veal. Definitely rosemary.

  • jabbo22 May 6, 2013

    norriscarrie22--I saved your recipe for when my daughter comes home from college. Chicken Parmesan is her favorite and she will LOVE it stuffed like you said!! Can't wait to surprise her! Thanks! :-)

  • prisskat May 6, 2013

    tonight is crock pot pulled bbq chicken sandwhiches w/ salad vegetarian baked beans and homemade strawberry cake for desert. Not sure what the rest of the week holds but since I just bought a bunch of hamburger at HT I'm sure something will involve ground beef.

  • nakabi May 6, 2013

    jdouglas-thanks for the tips. I'd be running out the door too if my mom made veal kidneys. That just doesn't sound too appealing lol
    I'm thinking I'll do the braise like you suggested cooked with lots of fresh rosemary or would you suggest mint? I'm partial to mint for lamb, but not sure for veal. And yes, I'll make sure not to overcook it.

  • jdouglas13 May 6, 2013

    careless, enjoy your dinner with your Dad. That sounds like the best meal all week :)

  • jdouglas13 May 6, 2013

    Nakabi, those are the veal chops? My experience with veal is limited, even more so with veal chops. My Mom made them with veal kidneys when I was growing up -- one of her "special" dinners, so I usually ran out of the house on those nights! LOL

    I can tell you this: veal can become overcooked and very tough very fast. I did a bit of a search, and a braise seems like it might be your best insurance to avoid the toughness. Basically, pat dry, flour and season, and brown very quickly on both sides in an oven-proof frying pan. Add your aromatics, 1/2 cup each of white wine and chicken broth, and let it cook slow until tender. This may take an hour or so. I sometimes do a braise in the oven.

    I hesitate to give too much advice on this one, because I'd hate to see you ruin them on my account!

  • nakabi May 6, 2013

    norriscarrie-that chicken parmesan recipe sounds good and easy! I'll have to try it! Do you use lamb or mince for your kefta?

  • twoboysandadog May 6, 2013

    thank you for posting Faye, decided we would have the same thing tonight as you...I got the avocados on sale as well. Thanks for the idea!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper May 6, 2013

    Carrie - that chicken parm recipe sounds greta! I will have to try it - thank you!

  • norriscarrie22 May 6, 2013

    Faye, I have a great chicken parmesan recipe, its not the healthiest but it is oh so easy and good.

    Slit chicken breast down the side and stuff with a mixture of cream cheese mozzerella cheese and fresh parsley. Roll chicken breast in pancko bread crumbs (i add salt pepper and garlic powder) put in casserole dish and top with favorite marinera sauce. Cook for 30 mintues. Serve over pasta! It is so delicious :)