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Monday meal plan: Potato-Crusted Quiche and more!

Posted March 25, 2013


On the menu this week, we have potato-crusted quiche (recipe included), baked creamy mushroom and garlic chicken, mini strawberry cheesecakes, grilled tilapia, tofu and veggie stir fry and more! What will you be eating this week?


Monday – Happy Passover to those who are celebrating the holiday this week!

Creamy baked garlic and mushroom chicken

Chicken soup with matzo balls (they are like dumplings but lighter)

Apple, cinnamon and toasted walnut charoset (a traditional dish eaten on matzo at Passover - matzo is unleavened flatbread, much like a cracker)

Steamed Parmesan carrots

Mini strawberry cheesecakes with a crushed matzo, butter and sugar crust (instead of the Oreo crust the recipe calls for). The recipe can be found at I made these last night, shown in the photo above, and they are delicious!


Grilled tilapia

Brown rice

Green salad

Mandarin oranges


Potato-crusted quiche (with turkey bacon, mushrooms, eggs, cheese, potatoes, green onions). The recipe can be found on

Fruit salad


Whole roasted herb and garlic chicken (from great HT deal weeks ago)

Tomato soup

Steamed broccoli


Tofu and vegetable stir fry

Spanish rice

Apple slices


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  • smolder13 Mar 27, 2013

    jdouglas, It was Breakstone's sour cream. I used it in baked goods in place of plain greek yogurt and it was fine, but apparently not in stroganoff. Lesson's Daisy sour cream for me!

  • jdouglas13 Mar 27, 2013

    smolder, you would think that with everything else, a less than favorite sour cream would not be so noticeable. Sorry to hear your stroganoff was a flop too. What brand of sour cream was it?

    Nakabi, meant to join in with bon voyage! :) Say hey to my nieces near Nashville if you're in the neighborhood.

  • rebeccapatel Mar 26, 2013

    Faye- can you please share your Creamy baked garlic and mushroom chicken and parm carrots recipes??

    thank you!

  • smolder13 Mar 26, 2013

    For those lamenting the lack of whole fryer chicken sales, I have noticed that Aldi's every day price for them is .89/lb. Just FYI.

    Jdouglas-I had a beef stroganoff flop a few weeks ago as well. I used a brand of sour cream that I know I am not fond of (got it free) thinking that being mixed in with the rest of the ingredients would mask that fact. WRONG. Then I tried to add some other things to fix it. FAIL. LOL.

    M-leftovers, T-turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fruit/veggie, W-chicken parmesan, salad, Th-haven't gotten that far yet!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Mar 26, 2013

    Thank you Nakabi! You said it perfectly. :-)

    Have a nice trip to TN and a lovely holiday!

    schere - your chicken salad sounds great. It has been a long time since I have made chicken salad but I think it's time again. Thanks for the reminder.

  • ascherer Mar 25, 2013

    M- Baked pork chops, oven roasted potatoes and steamed veggies. T- Homemade chicken salad (with almonds and grapes) and fresh veggies. W- Tacos with all the fixings. TT- Pizza. F- Homemade chili with a salad and corn bread.

  • chipper4800 Mar 25, 2013

    If you don't have matzo, I use a vanilla wafer for my mini cheesecake crust.

  • nakabi Mar 25, 2013

    Chag Sameach Faye!!! (I hope I didn't totally butcher the few phrases of Hebrew taught to me years ago lol)

    Jdouglas-like Faye said, we all have those times when our meals just don't turn out quite like we planned :) Mine would have to be my first attempt at "American" spaghetti. Spaghetti back home is not quite the same as here and during my first month of marriage I decided to try and cook some American food for my new hubby :) Let's just say that he told me to stick to what I knew best; NOT American food! lol..don't worry, I can now cook spaghetti, but we still laugh about it.

    M-Turkey tettrazini, wholewheat rolls, salad
    T-Chicken cordon bleu (need to use up some leftover proscuitto), rice, broccoli
    W-Will attempt to make j3rk chicken, plantains, sukuma wiki (similar to collard greens)
    Th-Sun in TN for Easter so I will enjoy some of my in-laws cooking!!!!

  • floomamia Mar 25, 2013

    Faye, how do you make your Parmesan carrots. Sounds delicious.

  • jdouglas13 Mar 25, 2013

    heart symbol. OK censor, message received. Twice. What I was trying to say is they are right there with us sharing the love. :)