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Mold forces Chapel Hill High library to close

Posted September 6, 2013

— Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools officials have closed the media center at Chapel Hill High School for the next week or so after mold was discovered on the spines of leather-bound books.

Various areas of the school have had mold problems stemming from this summer’s wet weather and area flooding, officials said. Contractors cleared the mold from several rooms before school started, and they will be brought back to handle the mold in the library, officials said.

To protect students and staff, doors and vents to the library will be sealed in plastic, and an air containment system will be used to filter the air to the outside of the building. Work will be performed during non-school hours.

An Orange County public health official will visit Chapel Hill High next week to observe the cleaning process, which also will be monitored by an industrial hygienist to ensure safe cleaning procedures are followed, officials said.

To help prevent a recurrence, the school is running its boilers and air conditioning system simultaneously to keep humidity levels low, but district officials said they are discussing other options for the future.


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  • chapelmhill Sep 10, 2013

    There is GROSS NEGLIGENCE happening at CHHS and it is such a shame that students and staff members were forced to be in an unsafe space. Staff shared concerns about the mold growing on ceiling tiles, black mold growing from the ceiling, back in August. Staff all over the building have complained about mold in the classrooms, freon dripping from AC units, exposed wiring, and nothing is ever done. The building is unsafe and nothing is being done.

  • SaveEnergyMan Sep 6, 2013

    That building has had serious HVAC issues for years - and I mean since I was a student there 25+ years ago. The terminal units in the classroom are awful and the interior rooms are either too stuffy or freezers. The library mold problem is just another symptom. The whole system needs to be upgraded and replaced - that should be obvious to the school administration now.

  • chapelspillsnchills Sep 6, 2013

    Also, the mold isn't just on the books: it's on the ceiling, bookcases, carpet. There are staff members with allergies and babies at home whose concerns were ignored.

  • chapelspillsnchills Sep 6, 2013

    The books are definitely used. Georgegray is right, "officials" are lying. Someone should ask the school administration when they were first told about the mold problem in there. There is documentation through emails that are public record if asked for. Staff warned of the health and safety issues weeks ago and things are just now starting to get fixed. They were also told of possible mold during the summer by a staff member who was ignored. That library has had issues with moisture and resources getting ruined for YEARS and nothing has ever been fixed. And the school is blatantly ignoring concerns brought to their attention by staff members. More investigation should be done on this matter.

  • beaupeep Sep 6, 2013

    CHHS students everywhere are saying "We have a library"?

  • computer trainer Sep 6, 2013

    They need to teach people to read, so they will open those books and use them.

  • georgegray Sep 6, 2013

    They're blaming it on the flooding, but the truth is that (1) the library didn't flood and (2) requests for dehumidifiers to be fixed or replaced have been ignored for years.

  • Seenenuff Sep 6, 2013

    I'm having the same problem at home with books, clothes and furniture.