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Mo-ped riders attack man at NC State

Posted May 23, 2011

— North Carolina State University police issued an alert over the weekend after two men on a mo-ped attacked a man on campus.

The attack occurred at about 3 p.m. Saturday on Dunn Avenue, police said.

The alleged victim told police that two men rode up to him on a black mo-ped, and one rider hit him with his helmet while trying to grab his laptop computer.

The riders fled down Dunn Avenue on the mo-ped, police said.


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  • sunneyone May 24, 2011

    NC State has a separate department called Transportation that issues parking tickets. The NCSU Police CAN issue them, too, but they very rarely do.

    It's a good department. Who knows how long the time frame between the crime's occurrence and when the victim called police. Also, if he called 911 and got Raleigh police, that adds to NCSU's response time. Don't be so quick to condemn that department.

  • justuptonogood May 23, 2011

    They were pursued by cops on skateboards. :-)

  • jsok123 May 23, 2011

    Probably part of the Hell's Angels Jr mini-biker gang.

  • Just another bad guy May 23, 2011

    The best punishment would be to publicly post the criminals photo posing w/ the moped. How embarrassing.

    We taxpayers will end up paying more to house these guys in jail/prison than they would have stolen.

  • Just another bad guy May 23, 2011

    Equinox Bandingo - Unfortunately, you can't carry on campus. I don't even thing we Americans can shoot them as they are fleeing either. It is truly sad how our laws have limited us and benefit the criminals.

  • bombayrunner May 23, 2011

    the mo-ped was probably HOT too!

  • bombayrunner May 23, 2011

    almost strange news.

  • iron fist May 23, 2011

    Mo-peds are get very good gas milage I know a couple of people who bought them to save on fuel expenses If I didn't have to travel on 85 to work I would buy one. And some can be altered to travel twice the speed allowed for a mo-ped.

  • smack May 23, 2011

    The NCSU Police do not issue parking tickets.

    actually... yes they do.

  • Arapaloosa May 23, 2011

    Why am I picturing the "Annoying Thing"?