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Missing woman's family seeks custody of girl

Posted March 30, 2009

— The disappearance of a Granville County woman has turned into a custody battle.

Kelly Morris, 28, disappeared from her Stem home on Sept. 3, and her family has filed for emergency custody of her youngest child, Haley. The 5-year-old lives with Morris' husband, Scott Morris, who authorities have called a person of interest in his wife's disappearance.

Scott Morris didn't appear in court Monday for a short hearing in the custody case.


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  • knowthefacts Mar 31, 2009

    You people get too bent outta shape on here! I stated what I would do, I'm not talking bad about anyone! 1st read the headline. It states "missing woman's family seeks custody of girl", not Scott's family. I think some folks only read half of my statements and only see what they want to see. The family has done an amazing job on coordinating searches for Kelly! They are dedicated and have went way above and beyond and I commend them they are wonderful people! I know it doesn't look good for Scott, I'm not saying he's innocent! I just say innocent until proven otherwise. Read and understand! He's a wonderful father and his daughter needs to be with him since they don't have their mother, they are devastated enough right now! If he is arrested then I can understand!

  • yellow_hat Mar 31, 2009

    ReddHott13 - I bet "they" could take you outside for a couple of hours and after a while you would confess - to whatever they told you to. This is not the justice system we want.

  • pebbles262004 Mar 31, 2009

    packfan21 - If he was innocent and upset about his wife. He would be out there looking for her

  • hallc Mar 31, 2009

    Know the facts, it was reported that Scott's parents filed for emergency custody in "Durham", not Granville County! Kelly's parents have just as much interest in this child as Scott's parents do. Scott has not been to court on any of the hearings regarding custody of "his"child.Or so it was reported. And as far as her parents focusing on the search, I believe that they have searched non-stop since she was reported missing. How often has Scott searched for his childs mother?

  • knowthefacts Mar 31, 2009

    I'm not judging anyone! If my daughter is missing and my grandchild is being cared for appropriately then I would continue to focus on finding my daughter and visiting with my grandaughter. There is NO doubt that Kelly has a wonderful family and of course could care for her, but Scott is caring for her and is a good father. I wish the best to all involved and hope it will be over soon for the families. I'm not on either side, I would just think that Pat and Juanita would continue to focus on finding Kelly. I'm quite suprised.

  • ReddHott13 Mar 31, 2009

    If they would take him out and beat the doololly out of him for a few hours he would probably talk and fess up where he stashed this girl.

  • hallc Mar 31, 2009

    Know the facts, if this were your grandchild, and your daughter was the person missing, I believe that you wouldn't be so quick to judge the grandparents and side with the father. Just because your opinion is that he is a good father, that doesn't mean that her parents aren't capable of providing a good home for this child. Hopefully this family will have closure soon and then Kelly's children will have grandparents on both sides that will continue to support these kids.

  • knowthefacts Mar 31, 2009

    Scott's daughter is devastated enough, they don't need to add to this by a custody battle! You know she hears people (Scott and his parents) talk about it, so that will upset her even more. He's a wonderful father and Kelly's family knows that as a fact! They do get visits with her, so custody is not necessary unless he is arrested. He is innocent until proven guilty and they have nothing but inconsistant statements. Which I agree doesn't look good. I hope and pray this will be over soon!

  • iwideopen Mar 31, 2009

    Another reason why I do not want anything to do with kids.

  • nadianye Mar 31, 2009

    WOW What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Children should not be taken away from there one surviving parent without just cause..meaning evidence that the parent in question is not taking of their child. It is sad when families are dealing with these circumstances but no one knows what the truth is so put yourself in his shoes.....You just lost your wife and now they want to take your daughter away.......If he didn't commit this crime that is wrong. Or better yet anytime someone with children is convicted of a crime just take there kids and give them away wether they are loved or not by the parents.