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Missing Virginia mother, child may be in Cary

Posted April 27, 2011

— A 17-year-old and her 2-year-old daughter who are missing from Sterling, Va., might be in Cary, police said Wednesday.

The mother of Glenda Ester Reyes-Hernandez reported her missing Tuesday to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office in Virginia. She said she hadn't seen her daughter since Saturday.

Authorities said Reyes-Hernandez left with 2-year-old Kimberly. They do not believe the pair is in danger.

Reyes-Hernandez is 5 feet 2 inches tall, 180 pounds with black, curly, shoulder-length hair. Kimberly is about 2 feet 6 inches tall with black, curly hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call Cary police at 919-469-4012, Cary Crime Stoppers at 919-226-CRIME or the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office at 703-777-0475.


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  • mchljam2 Apr 28, 2011

    Justin and death row I TOTALLY agree!!!!

  • just my2cents Apr 28, 2011

    When 15 year olds have babies and are responsible for their care, including financial upkeep, then it will be none of my business.

  • kewlmom Apr 28, 2011

    MTV's 16 & Pregnant is the most depressing show I have ever seen. It glorifies teen pregnancy rather than shows the hardships of it.

  • kikinc Apr 28, 2011

    DeathRow-I have to agree with you. Just because babies are continuing to have babies doesn't mean we need to accept it.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 28, 2011

    Dale: "justinm, it happens all the time, that's nothing new, or maybe it's just new to you?? Take a look at MTV's show 16 and pregnant."

    justinm, your comment was fine. You were simply putting our society into perspective. "MTV's show 16 and pregnant". That just shows how messed up society has become. And the fact that MORE people on GOLO are attacking justinm, instead of agreeing with him, is a sign of how messed up society has become.

  • pulstar40 Apr 28, 2011

    "she had her when she was 15". Okay, she had her young. The police don't believe anyone is in danger, but certainly her family is concerned because they are so young and everyone wants to make sure they ARE safe. I don't know why this made the news either, but I hope her family in VA does get some piece of mind that everyone is okay.

  • knockitoff Apr 28, 2011

    maybe she ran away for the "better life" they are always looking for or she met up with babys daddy.

  • maltese65lover Apr 28, 2011

    "They do not believe the pair is in danger"... why exactly did this story make it to the news?

  • Dale Apr 28, 2011

    justinm, it happens all the time, that's nothing new, or maybe it's just new to you?? Take a look at MTV's show 16 and pregnant.

  • succinctb Apr 28, 2011

    justinm... Great you know how to do math! You make that statement as if it is equivalent to a virgin birth. Please, so what she had a baby at 15. There is a child and her mother missing and this is the only comment you could make. I am not saying her having a baby at 15 is ok. But please, she ain't the only one and she will notbe the last. And before you make a statement in reference to me having children....I don't have any!