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Missing toddler is back in Fayetteville

Posted November 10, 2011
Updated November 11, 2011

— A Fayetteville missing persons case was closed Wednesday when Michael Vance brought his daughter, Holly, 2, back to the city. 

Holly was at church with her maternal grandmother at Northwood Temple on Ramsey Street when, police say, her father picked her up and walked away. 

More than a month passed while Holly's mother, grandmother and police searched for her.

In resolving the case, a police spokesman said simply, "The case has been closed after the father brought Holly Vance home Nov. 9. There are no charges."


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  • angrywithliars Nov 16, 2011

    just want to thank WRAL for posting all my comments.....(SARCASM)

  • angrywithliars Nov 16, 2011

    got to love "america", land of people that run their mouths before knowing anything....
    that's why were sinking people....
    keep comments to yourself if you dont have any clue as to whats going on....

  • Fireflies Rock Nov 16, 2011

    there really isn't enough information to know what made the father take the child....kind of hard to judge not knowing the particulars. Glad she's OK....for now

  • angrywithliars Nov 11, 2011

    there are no games being played on behalf of the father, the mother lied, connived, manipulated, etc. to keep his daughter away from him, she didnt even want the father to goto court, because she was in the wrong all along by not even being there for her daughter. this father did what he felt was necessary to be a part of his daughters life, plain & simple. the mother of this child is no mother at all if she places all the parental responsibilities on her own mother which has no rights to this child. the mother of this child needs to grow up, but i think it's too late for her to do that.

  • YU Nov 11, 2011

    This story is false the child has not been returned to the mother.

  • dirkdiggler Nov 11, 2011

    if this dude 'kidnapped' his child, there would be charges. we don't have all the details, so it's kind of hard to get ticked at the dad. if there was no court order preventing him from taking HIS child, then no crime was committed.

  • NCworkingwoman Nov 11, 2011

    Thank goodness she is okay!

    These so called "Parents" need to STOP PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR KIDS! Using your kid as a pawn to get back at or hurt the other parent is WRONG. Grow up and act like a real parent for a change. This goes for mothers and fathers.

  • goodnessgracious Nov 11, 2011

    So glad she is safe! I hope the parents are able to work things out for the sake of their daughter!

  • ThisTooShallPass Nov 11, 2011

    Its never the right thing to keep a child from her parent. Parents usually do that as a way to "get back" at the other parent. My guess is no charges were filed because there was no custody/visitation order. I'm sure the mom is going to file for one now.

  • brantom33 Nov 10, 2011

    @warbirdlover I think you need to read the comment again...that was made by a father...I have 5 children and as I mother I pray that I never have to know the feeling this woman must have had. The whole story isnt here im sure but the "right thing" is not what he done. The "right thing" would have been to leave that precious lil girl where she was in the first place. Thank you GOD that she is home.