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Missing Jackson County girl found safe

Posted June 3, 2010

— A missing Jackson County girl was found safe Thursday morning when she showed up to school, according to a county emergency dispatcher.

Authorities issued an Amber Alert early Thursday for Karina Monserrat Dominguez, 11, who was last seen at Misty Rivers Apartments in Tuckasegee, southwest of Asheville.

Deputies said she showed up to school at 7:45 a.m. They believe she had been with friends. Karina was reunited with her parents at the sheriff's office.

No other details were released.


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  • poeticallycorrect-InvNo1 Jun 4, 2010

    I hope she got her but whooped

  • Raleighite2 Jun 3, 2010

    Don't automatically blame the girl. When my sister was about that same age she asked my mom if she could stay at a friends house. My mom said yes, but it was about a week before. When my sister didn't show up at home we all panicked. My mom called the police (this was way before amber alerts) and called the school. The school found the bus driver who said my sister got off at a different stop. When they found out which other kids got off at that stop they were able to track them down. It was totally my mom's fault for forgetting that my sister had asked permission. My mom was a GREAT mother and even ran an in-home daycare. It was an honest mistake. This may be a similar story.

  • NoFreakinWay Jun 3, 2010

    just another false amber alert.

  • carolinarox Jun 3, 2010

    I believe it's actually, "spare the rod, spoil the child".

  • springdaisyy Jun 3, 2010

    spoil the rod spoil the child, they better get that rod out

  • SomeRandomGuy Jun 3, 2010

    I am wondering how her situation fit the criteria for an Amber Alert?

  • HappyGirl08 Jun 3, 2010

    Somebody is gonna get grounded until they are 30! Holy cow I'd be interested in that story. Oh well, I'm glad she is safe.

  • MzCole Jun 3, 2010

    @ DidIsay.... I was thinking more along the lines of grounded and a good old fashion "spanking". Kids need to let their parents know where they are at all times, and parents should make it their business to know!!! My niece and nephew can't even ride their bikes down our trailer park because we can't see them that far!! People are just crazy!! Glad it was just a misunderstanding!!!

  • computer trainer Jun 3, 2010

    What was SHE thinking??? An 11 year old who thinks that she can stay out with her friends all night??? Sitting down would not happen for a LONG while.

  • didisaythat Jun 3, 2010

    Talk about being grounded for life.