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Missing horses found in Johnston pasture

Posted December 8, 2008

— Two draft horses that went missing from a pasture outside Clayton last week were found in another pasture in Johnston County.

The landowners called the Johnston County Sheriff's Office after finding the two, 2,000-pound Percherons in their pasture. They had heard about the case in the media.

Deputies determined the horses were Jewel, a 12-year-old gray mare, and Bravo, a 9-year-old gelding, that had been reported missing on Dec. 3. Someone had cut the fence around the pasture at 1120 Seths Way were they were being kept.

Investigators said it was not clear how the horses ended up in a different pasture, but they considered the case closed.


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  • Drifter Dec 9, 2008

    I'm so glad they were found. It's really troubling that people would do that. At least this story had a happy ending.

  • iron fist Dec 9, 2008

    Grass just greener on the other side

  • nisa-pizza Dec 9, 2008

    Excuse my ignorance but can't the value of the horse be considered in making this a crime? I mean, if you paid a substantial amount of money for a horse why isn't it considered a crime that can be prosecuted?

    Back in the day they'd hang a man for stealing someone's horse, not that I'm advocating that practice but when did they decide that this sort of action wasn't a crime anymore?

  • ice cream Dec 9, 2008

    That gray is seriously obese...

  • seaturtles246 Dec 9, 2008

    Thank goodness they were found safe and unharmed. I bet the owners were happy to see them!

  • dogsrule12cheek Dec 9, 2008

    I as the horse owner would be looking for the ones who took them, at least they were found and in good shape.

  • sayitoutloud Dec 9, 2008

    I would say they got into the second pasture b/c somebody put them there. They (the police) need to find out who the person was and maybe that is the same person that cut the fence on the first pasture fence. DUH!

  • k9sandQtrs Dec 9, 2008

    netposse.com is a great website for more information on this. Horse theft is actually quite common and supposedly most authorities are not able to do much.

  • If the shoe fits.... Dec 8, 2008

    I, too, am glad these beautiful animals are safe. I'd like to hear more details, however. If they were stolen, that is a crime to be investigated. Something is being left out?
    Nevertheless, bravo to WRAL for making this public. That publicity may be why the horses turned up in a pasture rather than a slaughter house.

  • For-Better-Or-Worse Dec 8, 2008

    "The old gray mare ain't where she use to be, ain't where she use to be, ain't where she use to be."