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Missing Durham boy found safe, reunited with mom

Posted August 5, 2013

— A 2-year-old boy who was reported missing from a downtown Durham bus terminal was found early Monday and returned to his mother, who screamed with joy when she saw him.

Zy’ion D’youate McCallum was found inside a home on Potter Street and reunited with his mother at Durham police headquarters about 4:30 a.m.

“I sat here all night waiting on my son to return, and I’m just glad that I can lay eyes on him and that he’s safe,” Latara Robinson said after an emotional reunion with her boy. “It was a joy because I was really able to see my child alive and breathing. I really didn’t know where he was or what was going on with him or what someone could have done to him.”

Zy'ion McCallum Missing Durham boy reunited with mother

Durham police had asked for the public’s help Sunday in finding the child and said he may be with a woman named Jazmine Johnson or Jazmine Jackson. They confirmed Monday that the child was with the woman in her Potter Street home.

No charges were filed against Jasmine Johnson, 18, who said she never kidnapped the child and it was all a misunderstanding.

She told WRAL News that she ran into Zy'ion and his 15-year-old aunt at the Durham Area Transit Authority station about 1 p.m. Saturday. The aunt asked Johnson to take the 2-year-old for a couple of hours. Johnson agreed, saying she had watched the child before and thought Zy'ion was the aunt's son.

After a few hours, Johnson said, she began calling the aunt to come get the boy, but the number didn't work. By Sunday, she drove to the aunt's apartment and didn't find her.

Johnson said police officers came to her home around 4 a.m. Monday, and she handed Zy'ion to them. She said investigators apparently tried to call her before then, but the aunt had given them a phone number with the last two digits transposed.

According to detectives, the aunt was supposed to take the boy to a park.

Robinson said she doesn't know Johnson. She said the child’s clothes and diaper had been changed.

“Mostly, I just want to know who these people were. I want to actually see them,” she said. “It looks to me that he was not harmed. They were actually trying to take care of him, and to them I do want to say thank you for keeping him safe.”

State authorities never issued an Amber Alert for Zy'ion because police did not believe he had been abducted or was in danger, said Nona Best, supervisor for the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons.

Robinson said Monday she won’t be letting Zy’ion out of her sight.

“He is not going anywhere, so nobody has to worry about seeing this child anywhere else,” she said.


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  • dhartley8 Aug 6, 2013

    Wonderful that the child was found. Leave a child with an Aunt in the bus station. Sounds like DSS should investigate.

  • dldobbins Aug 6, 2013

    Thank you God that the baby was found and returned to his mother. Thank you Lord for placing him in the hands of loving, caring people who attempted to find his mother.

  • OzzzMan Aug 5, 2013

    I think the family needs to pay all of the expense on this. I am glad he was found safe, but come on, nowhere your children are!

  • jetset Aug 5, 2013

    I said the mother had SOME faiilt in this....not totally her fault though. Sounds like an irresponsible crowd to me. Leaving a child with the "auntie" whose phone is not working......come on(?)

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Aug 5, 2013

    bluegrass - "Sounds like a responsible bunch."

    Sounds like maybe one or more of them is spinning yarns, to me. Backstroking, trying to cover up something.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Aug 5, 2013

    jetset - "I do thinkmthe mother has some blame in all of this."

    For leaving the child with the grandmother who then (according to other news websites) left it with the aunt who then turned it over to a casual acquaintance at a bus station?

    The mother trusted the grandmother, so how is she at fault.

    The grandmother probably trusted the aunt, so how is she at fault?

    It is the aunt who should be reprimanded, and she should pay for the man-hours wasted by the police department in searching for this child.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Aug 5, 2013

    Confused, but ^

  • golorealist Aug 5, 2013

    jetset - you make no sense.

  • bluegrass Aug 5, 2013

    Sounds like a responsible bunch.

  • Krimson Aug 5, 2013

    Cute kid...