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Missing Cary Woman ID'd on Grocery Store Surveillance Video

Posted July 3, 2007

— A Cary woman reported missing last week has been seen on surveillance video from an area grocery store.

Donna McLeod, 40, of Windance Court, was alone in the video taken from a Clayton Food Lion on Monday, Cary officials said, and was videotaped making a purchase.

McLeod's roommates reporter her missing three days earlier after she failed to show up to work last Friday.

Police said she was last seen driving a white 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a temporary North Carolina license tag with No. 15582784.

McLeod is white and stands at 5-feet 9-inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. She has brown eyes and dark brunette-to-brown hair with a white streak on the right side, police said.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts should contact the Cary Police Department at 919-469-4012.


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  • mom2threecld Jul 4, 2007

    hope she is found safe and unharmed

  • Supie Jul 4, 2007

    if she has been kidnapped and if they are sending her out to do grocery shopping (they may have some hold on her like there are two people kidnapped and the one's safety depends on her compliance) then they can see what and how much was purchased and maybe be watching for the next shopping event. Hope officials have alerted Food Lion employees all over the area to be on the lookout with her picture. People tend to return to a certain grocery store chain.

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 4, 2007

    ladyblue...I have done the same thing. I would hate to go against a gut feeling and then hear some bad news on t.v. the next day about something I could possibly have prevented...

  • jcrew1979 Jul 4, 2007

    Maybe her roommates got on her nerves and she left without telling them b/c she doesn't want them to track her down. I've done that before. I do hope she is found soon.

  • jewel08 Jul 4, 2007

    and that should be THINK Wral should run the story......fingers not behaving this am

  • jewel08 Jul 4, 2007

    scout1......I absolutely thing WRAL should have carried the news. I was responding to someone else saying it was a waste of taxpayers money to search....so before you JUMP on someone's post........please read ..if something happened to her, by all means, the family would have some kind of feeling (and sounds like this is the case). She can not be held responsible for going on a trip and others didn't realize that is what she did. HOWEVER, too many posts jump on people just to be tapping away on the computer. Please read before jumping on someone's post.

  • Think Jul 4, 2007

    Scout1: I'm not sure why you've chosen to pick on me, but I'm game! I have no better suggestions to give to police, and I am not criticizing them. I am also not pretending to be an expert or have any inside knowledge.

    My comment was aimed at the folks who asked why the police were looking in Clayton in the first place, and why that particular store. Do they really think the police have time to watch even one store camera 24/7 on the off chance she stops by? I don't. Either a tip from someone who saw her or a credit card transaction are the most likely reasons why they viewed the tape.

    I also pray for her, her friends and her family. I'm right with you there! :)

  • agdeppa3 Jul 4, 2007

    THe WRAL story has the date a little wrong. She was there one Sat. No, she's NOT on vacation, at least not that her employer, family or friends know about. This is totally out of character for her. She NEVER misses returning her daughters' phone calls. The police put her on the National Register is why they were contacted when she was spotted in Clayton. As far as anyone knows, Clayton's not a regular hang-out for her. And, yes, even though she's been spotted, we are still worried.

  • ladyblue Jul 4, 2007

    I was hoping by now she would see the news and realize people were looking her. I hope the family can hear something from her soon. I know you must be worried sick by now, especially her daughter by calling and no answer. I also hope wherever she is she is safe when found. This world is so cruel, you're safe no where.

  • scout1 Jul 4, 2007

    First to JEWEL08: no being missing is not a crime, it's a scary ordeal for all involved or related to the incident. Maybe the firends and family asked WRAL for their help in locating their loved one. Just because you may think its not "news" doesnt mean WRAL cant lend a helping hand by airing the story to the thousands of people in their viewing area.

    Second to THINK: If you have better suggestions for the police, then maybe you should fill them in. Im sure the latest episode of "CSI" has given you all the knowledge you would need to help them out. We have no way of knowing what the police have/are doing or what they have or have not done. Just because every detail of this case is not public knowledge does not mean that it is not the knowledge of the officers/investigators involved.

    To the family and friends of DONNA, Prayers and support for you during this hardship.