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Misconduct probe prompts suspension of Johnston coach

Posted March 7, 2012

— The Johnston County school system has placed a high school wrestling coach on administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations of misconduct involving a student, authorities said Wednesday.

James McNamara, who teaches at Corinth Holders High School in Wendell, is on  leave with pay, Johnston County Schools spokeswoman Terri Sessoms said.

She declined any further comment on the matter but said McNamara was hired in August 2010.

The Johnston County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating alleged misconduct between a school employee and a female student.

"As always, we will fully cooperate with any law enforcement investigation," Sessoms said.


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  • ididit34 Mar 16, 2012

    The only reason this is a released story is that JCS, specifically Brian Martin with HR, is trying to show effort at taking allegations seriously. Its a shame they cant do that equally between male/female teachers. Accused female teachers have "a good heart" while male teachers are "problems".

    Funny how quickly Brian Martin can get things to the news when it will make him and the county look good....but keep the news out when it doesnt. Brian Martin seems to be the judge and jury in these cases...he gets to pick which life/career he ruins based on gossip and teenage threats...and whether or not the accused simply resigns or decides to fight the accusations.

  • ntheweeds Mar 8, 2012

    I don't know the man in question, but the Johnston County Sheriff's department is handling this in a professional manner. If you read the article it does not say he is charged with anything, the incident is being investigated. Please don't assume either way. If he is innocent of the accusations, I feel confident he will not be charged and in the end will keep his job.

  • ecu_rules Mar 7, 2012

    The northeastern parts of Johnston Co has Clayton, Wendell, and Zebulon addresses.

  • semh Mar 7, 2012

    Would love to see him innocent. These kids have had enough. And, if this is a false report - those responsible should be held accountable. A false report takes away from the importance of what happened at Archer Lodge and ruins a teachers life.

  • justafella Mar 7, 2012

    All I wan to know is when did the town of Wendell become part of Johnson County?

  • semh Mar 7, 2012

    NO WRAL will not follow up and if this is a false report it really takes away for the serious of the arrest made ONLY 6 short days ago ... We have been begging WRAL to pick up the story about the reports made from parents that went unheard and a teacher assaulted young boys - That could have been prevented. NO NEWS COVERAGE AT ALL -- I do hope this account is false but not sounding good at all ... I have lost all trust in out schools and local media

  • jesseramone Mar 7, 2012

    This man is my son's coach. I have a very hard time believing this involves a student. Like love2dostuff said; it could be a divorice or falling behind on his bills.

    The kids love this man. If he were doing some inappropriate they wouldn't have the admiration for him that they do. Kids are a lot more intuitive that you'd think. And they're especially more intuitive than posters on here who are so quick to render a judgement by a headline and without even any information in the story.

  • jlh4jdj Mar 7, 2012

    gsmusty-I will say this I know him also. I know that this is far from the character that I have always seen from him. I am tired of everyone jumping every guy (yes women get a pass) who is accused of something. He has my full support until I see evidence. My question is will WRAL print a story saying he is innocent to balance this one that will be out there for the rest of his life?

  • semh Mar 7, 2012

    False??? or NOT this county needs SERIOUS investigation --- We have a kid in the school also and also attended Archer Lodge ...
    What is wrong is Johnston County Schools are not taking parents complains seriously!! When you personally have face to face meetings with principles and Superintendent -they assure they will handle things and a few years later you find the people you reported have had free reign to assault our kids ... these administrators need serious investigation - sad the media is not seeing the seriousness of this problem in Johnston County

  • love2dostuff Mar 7, 2012


    I believe you even though others are doubtful and want proof. I work at a school part time teaching science and have seen how a simple student comment can be taken out of context then you have a witch hunt on your hands. If you would trust him with your son, that's enough for me.