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Military helicopters land in Rolesville field

Posted September 7, 2009
Updated October 12, 2011

— Three Chinook military helicopters set down in a Rolesville field Monday afternoon, witnesses said.

People reported seeing the helicopters flying low and slow over Holly Springs, downtown Raleigh and elsewhere in Wake County. A viewer told WRAL News they came to rest off Rogers Road about half a mile from U.S. Highway 401.

Local police blocked off the area while the helicopters were on the ground.

A spokesman for Fort Bragg said he knew nothing about the mission and said the helicopters were not from the National Guard, Pope Air Force Base, Simmons Army Airfiled or United States Army Special Operations Command.


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  • lkanzig Sep 8, 2009

    well if they they were from nc they probably ran out of gas. ill tell ya, its getting bad when we even have to nickel and dime the military. either that or they decided to stop off for coffee, got some good coffee houses near there!

  • haggis basher Sep 8, 2009

    "Since the military has denied anything to do with these helicopters. That's leaves the CIA and the intelligence services.
    Scary stuff when we have a Socialist President bent on controlling everything."
    LOL they were not painted black so you can just put extra foil in your hat and you'll be fine.

  • RonnieR Sep 8, 2009

    As I said before, and another poster said, they're 160th SOAR helos. The Bragg spokesperson was incorrect when he said that they were not USASOC helos.

  • 007KnightRider Sep 8, 2009

    Well where were they from? Who do they belong too? Were they aliens? They could have been terrorist scoping out the area for all we know.

  • toddbyrd Sep 8, 2009

    We had one come over our house in Sanford at around 3:30 on Monday.

  • FromClayton Sep 8, 2009

    so where were they from? I demand better reporting WRAL!

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Sep 8, 2009

    Must be those black helicopters we keep hearing about from infowarriors

  • Baseball dude Sep 8, 2009

    I would bet those are from Savannah, Hunter Army Airfield or from Ft. Campbell, those aircraft are MH46 from TF 160.

  • Rabid_Wolf_3 Sep 8, 2009

    So they were not the military's helicopters?

    You can get anything on E-Bay

  • SantaClaus Sep 8, 2009

    Why is this news? I mean, WRAL didn't come to my house when those little green men landed in my yard....