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Meth lab busted in Raleigh motel

Posted June 24, 2008
Updated June 25, 2008

— A husband and wife have been charged with operating a methamphetamine lab in a motel room off Wake Forest Road, authorities said Tuesday.

Rodney Ralph and Winifred Ralph have been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of precursor chemicals for methamphetamine and possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver methamphetamine, authorities said.

Wake County deputies and State Bureau of Investigation agents searched a room at the Homestead Studio Suites, 3500 Wake Forest Road, last Thursday night and an SUV in the motel parking lot and found materials authorities said are commonly found at methamphetamine labs, including cold medicine, drain cleaner, coffee filters and a propane burner.

The Ralphs have been at the Wake County jail since Friday. Rodney Ralph is expected to appear in court Wednesday at 9 a.m. Winifred Ralph's court date is July 8.


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  • PC is for Losers Jul 3, 2008

    Actually, is it not illegal to possess meth there mindcrime?

  • CTR Jun 25, 2008

    And speaking of drugs,did you know that moonshine is still around in the rural parts of Johnston County?

    yes and sheriff bizzel is doing all he can to clean it up. finally a sheriff who does something

  • raysson Jun 25, 2008

    These fools were making meth in a area hotel where vacationers were staying? And children were present? That is a scary situation that could have gone from bad to the unthinkable. And speaking of drugs,did you know that moonshine is still around in the rural parts of Johnston County?

  • Concerned Jun 25, 2008

    In view of some of these comments, we may as well open the prisons and let out all the drug dealers because after all, they were just making a living and were not hurting nor harming anyone. I mean, what is a little crack-cocaine to Meth?

  • mindcrime Jun 25, 2008

    Yes, and if they had hurt someone in the process, they should be held liable. Or if the property owner wants to impose a rule saying "no meth labs in our hotel" then that would be fine.

    But arresting and jailing somebody who hasn't harmed anyone or violated anyone's rights is wrong, plain and simple. You just can't take someone's Liberty away because of something that might have happened.


  • pleshy Jun 25, 2008

    Generally I would agree that drug sales should be legalized and shunted into the ABC store for taxation - however - making meth is basically building a bomb and hoping it doesn't go off until you can smoke or sell the reside. Everything about the meth process is dangerous, flammable, explosive, corrosive and deadly. these guys weren't growing weed - they were creating a chemical compound using highly volatile chemical compounds.

  • mindcrime Jun 25, 2008

    Ugh. That should, of course, say "if they have rules".

  • mindcrime Jun 25, 2008

    Using meth is incredibly stupid, but the State has no authority to regulate what substances consenting adults manufacture, sell and/or consume. Manufacturing meth in a hotel may be a violation of the property owner's rights if they has rules against it, but it is NOT otherwise a crime. Making meth (or cocaine or heroin or opium or X etc), selling it (to adults) and consumption (by adults) violates no one's rights... no victim = no crime.

    As for the actions people might take while on meth... you should still be held 100% responsible for all of your actions, no matter how impaired you are. You have a choice whether to get impaired or not, and the knowledge that you will be held liable for anything stupid you do while in that state, is the deterrent.

    All NC State laws regulating consumption, manufacture and sales of drugs (between consenting adults) should be repealed immediately.

    Phil Rhodes for NC Lieutenant Governor


  • baileysmom3 Jun 25, 2008

    Hey I got that stuff at my house

  • jobchick2004 Jun 25, 2008

    In a hotel where people are vacationing, etc. THAT'S SCARY!