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Merry Christmas. No Time for Debt Worries Today.

Posted December 25, 2013

Today is Christmas and for some of you money troubles and worries are still on your mind. If there ever was one day of the year to not worry about money, credit, or debt issues, this is it. Taking a day off from worrying about money is not only healthy but a gift you can give yourself.

My advice is to put off your worries today and instead spend the rest of day doing as many nice things for other people as you can. Things that are free like holding a door open, saying thank you, or just giving a smile to a stranger. For those that have no money to spend today the one thing that you can share is your gratitude and kindness towards others. Actually, that's a much better gift for many than will get.

You may feel down and out but you can still be grateful for what you might have in your life. If you are reading this you've at least internet access and some device to read it on. And you are not on fire. Another bonus to be grateful for. So there's two things to be thankful and happy for.

Just a few minutes ago I heard firefighters in Wake County calling on the radio for the Red Cross to help find shelter for adults and a child that had just been displaced by tragedy. No matter how bad you might be feeling about your money troubles, life can always be worse.

Don't let whatever money problems you feel you have erode this one day of the year to just feel the peace and joy you deserve. If you don't have money to give, then give hugs. Don't have a material gift to share, do something nice instead. 

When it comes to those money problems you might have been worrying about, the good news is there are solutions and ways to tackle them. We've got a whole new year coming up to deal with them.

Heck, imagine the credit card bills that Santa fellow must have right now!

Dealing with debt is mostly an emotional battle. It's the combat between what we want to be and what will be. The math of money problems is pretty clear. The emotional battles we fight make life muddy and tough.

So please, just take one day off from your worries and strife over debt. I'm here for you and together we can get you headed towards more days of peace and joy. We've got a lot of time to do it, but let's start tomorrow.


Steve Rhode
WRAL Get Out of Debt Guy

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