McCrory uses Facebook to call out lawmakers

Posted August 20, 2013
Updated August 21, 2013

— Gov. Pat McCrory is using Facebook to call on lawmakers to sustain two vetoes he issued earlier this month. 

"Contact your representative, Julia Howard @ 919-733-5904 who represents Davie and Forsyth counties and tell her to sustain my vetoes of fiscally irresponsible & job-killing legislation: HB 392 & HB 786," reads one of more than a dozen posts the governor made to his official Facebook account Tuesday night. 

McCrory vetoes included a bill that would require drug testing for welfare recipients and a measure that would extend the amount of time farm workers could be employed without undergoing an immigration background check. 

McCrory has said he vetoed the drug testing bill because of a potential constitutional issue. The background check bill, he said, would open a loophole for people here illegally to take jobs away from North Carolinians. 

When a governor vetoes a bill after the legislature has adjourned, he has 40 days to call the General Assembly back into session to try to override his veto or make adjustments to the measures in question. McCrory has still not called the legislature back, and his 40-day window ends shortly after Labor Day. 

Senior Republican leaders have said over the past few weeks that sentiment is growing within the House Republican caucus to override McCrory's vetoes.

Pat McCrory's Facebook page McCrory's Facebook campaign not winning many converts

Among those the governor is calling out on Facebook are Reps. Julia Howard, R-Davie and David Lewis, R-Harnett, the co-chairs of the House Finance Committee, Appropriations Committee Chairman Nelson Dollar, R-Wake, Judiciary Committee Chairman Leo Daughtry, R-Johnston, and Republican Conference leader Ruth Samuelson, R-Mecklenburg.

The very public tactic could backfire on McCrory.

Rep. Paul Stam, R-Wake, told WRAL News Wednesday that he has not heard from a single constituent about the vetoes, adding that he doesn't understand McCrory's reasons for objecting to either bill.

Both measures passed with bipartisan majorities, and lawmakers say McCrory's Facebook posts have done little to win support – and may have cost him some votes.


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  • timtooltime777 Aug 21, 2013

    Why would anyone veto a bill to check and see if free money is used to buy illegal drugs ? As far as the illegal's working and taking jobs from Americans , I give him a thumbs up ! These so called greedy farmers and landscapes and the rest of the greedy companies need to do right with the American people and not their greedy ways !

  • crystalswisher Aug 21, 2013

    he needs to be more worried about these teachers he's jacking around. telling them they just couldn't get to a raise for them this year when he's paying his staffers raises.

  • bill15 Aug 21, 2013

    I hear the kids who run his Facebook page make $100k per year. Experience is a liability.

  • hardycitrus Aug 21, 2013

    Drug test our representatives!

  • tracmister Aug 21, 2013

    It doesn't matter what McCrory does in his attempt to cut the puppet strings of Art Pope, Tom Tillis, and Phil Berger; they hold the power he is just there to nod his head and look the part.

  • readme Aug 21, 2013

    "Most obvious insincere, underhanded governor yet. Please make him a one & done!" mtnmama. How is he dishonest and underhanded? He's not perfect, but he's pretty much pushing the agenda that he based his campaign on. You might not agree with his politics, but this isn't an itegrity issue just because you don't agree with him.

  • NCSU_JIM Aug 21, 2013

    I despise facebook, never used it and never will. Pat should keep it simple and have a press conference

  • Liebe ist fur alle Aug 21, 2013

    "So if you don't think politicians are better then you obviously have "delusions of superiority" yourself."

    Again, not what I said at all, and you implied you were better than another poster...thus was your delusion. Please do try and keep up, and don't be so sensitive when you get swatted back down for being foolish. Sheesh!

  • thopkins01 Aug 21, 2013

    Chrisnrali, did you understand the ridiculous terminology of "call out" when WRAL used the term? I assume you were talking about ridiculous, since this is the only word I could assume you were trying to spell. Everything about Pat McCrory is double standard and he needs to be impeached for misusing NC tax dollars. He can give a raise to a 24 year old who hasn't earned it and can cut NC unemployment benefits to millions who have earned it! Now this is RIDICULOUS and he should be impeached!

  • simser118 Aug 21, 2013

    Liebe ist fur alle "delusions of superiority"

    So if you don't think politicians are better then you obviously have "delusions of superiority" yourself.