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McCrory unhurt in fender-bender

Posted October 1, 2008

— Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, the Republican candidate for governor, was involved in a fender-bender Wednesday, his campaign spokeswoman said.

McCrory, who was headed to Winston-Salem for a campaign speech at the time of the wreck, wasn't injured and later made it to his scheduled event, spokeswoman Amy Auth said.

WBTV in Charlotte reported that the car McCrory was riding in was hit by another car around noon as it traveled on South Main Street in Salisbury.

Neither driver was charged.


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  • ContinuityMan Oct 2, 2008

    At least he didn't drive off a bridge.

  • RICKJAMES Oct 2, 2008

    Yeah last night I seen the ad on tv about him. Saying he takes pay raises for himself and declines' raises for the FD and PD staff in Charlotte. What a real peice he is!

  • bbad238 Oct 2, 2008

    Why no Sky 5 over the accident scene?

  • bs101fly Oct 1, 2008

    good grief keep him safe and for heaven sakes where was the limo???
    we sure need him to stay in one piece so he can send Perdue on permanent vacation with Easley!

  • beachboater Oct 1, 2008

    Why is a fender bender that NO ONE WAS CHARGED news???????

    A weak and feeble attempt to help sweet Bev.

  • CaryCrazzy Oct 1, 2008

    Slow day for wral.

  • computer trainer Oct 1, 2008

    AlleyOops, the update says he was riding, so I doubt it. Darn, if he were, we would not even have to have the election. He wins, hands down.

  • IhateForeignOil Oct 1, 2008

    and this is news because?

  • Unbroken Oct 1, 2008

    Yet another example of what Easley and the other tree-hugging liberals are doing to our fine state... This fender bender is all their fault!

  • AlleyOops Oct 1, 2008

    This is news. It's not big news. It's not sad news, bad news, good news or happy news. But it's news. I just wish I knew if he was at fault or not.