To honor King, they pray, pack meals

Posted January 18, 2013

— An annual observance by North Carolina state employees Friday marked the beginning of a long weekend celebrating the life of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Gov. Pat McCrory was the featured speaker Friday at the midday event at a downtown Raleigh church. He reminded the crowd that King would support those who are unemployed and homeless. 

"I believe our state, what we can do, is we have to make sure there's opportunity for everyone who studies hard, who works hard, and lives a life of high values," the governor told those in attendance.

"Then they can fulfill their potential. But we have to help them do it and give them the necessary tools to make it happen. And I think that is what Dr. King would be saying today too."

MLK Day of Service Events help families mark MLK Day this weekend

At Wake Tech Friday, students and faculty worked to package meals for the hungry. In about 90 minutes, they packed 10,000 meals made up of rice, soy and dehydrated vegetables to send to Stop Hunger Now.

"It makes me feel good, you know," said student Noah Boyd.

He was participating for the first time, but others had made it an annual event. 

Florence Thompson conceived of the idea four years ago. "It's a way of giving back, and paying it forward, supporting children around the world to have food to eat," she said.

"We could end world hunger and how great would that be." 

MLK holiday is Monday

King's federal holiday is Monday, and many more events are planned to honor his life and legacy in coming days.

The United Way of the Triangle organizes one of the Triangle's largest celebrations, the annual MLK Day of Service. Hundreds of volunteers across four counties will participate in projects that range from making baby blankets to CPR training.

The annual Martin Luther King Triangle Interfaith Breakfast, Monday at the Imperial Hotel in Research Triangle Park, is also a big draw. Rev. Dr. Ronald Smith, president of the Southern Union Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, will be the keynote speaker. McCrory is also on the agenda.

WRAL.com will offer live video of the speakers Monday beginning at 7 a.m.


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  • superman Jan 18, 2013

    And this is the same person that wants to cut unemployment benefits.

  • Ex-Republican Jan 18, 2013

    "No article on race relations would be complete without a dozen Helmsinista Holdouts telling progressives how divisive they are." goldenosprey

    Your derisive comment proves your own point that "progressives" ARE divisive.

  • Terkel Jan 18, 2013

    "McCrory is using campaign funds to reward those on his cabinets that are not getting salaries. " free2b

    Do you have a link, or is this speculation?

  • goldenosprey Jan 18, 2013

    No article on race relations would be complete without a dozen Helmsinista Holdouts telling progressives how divisive they are.

  • carrboroyouth Jan 18, 2013

    well written, skell! I feel like the media doesn't help either. It's always white vs. minorities, males vs. females, rich vs. poor, dems vs. repubs...

    When can we stop judging people at an individual level instead of generalizing whatever group they may be a part of?

  • Whosays Jan 18, 2013

    And I have high regard for Dr. MLK for fighting for the rights of all people.

  • Whosays Jan 18, 2013

    This is just my personal opinion, God says do everything you do in my name, not someone elses. And we are not supposed to be flaunting that either, another word from the good book.

  • Terkel Jan 18, 2013

    How disappointing that there were no photos of the people packing food and "giving back".

  • NomoreKoolaid Jan 18, 2013

    Former New Orleans mayor indicted on federal corruption charges !!

  • Dan Cooper Jan 18, 2013

    No article on race relations would be complete without some liberal telling us how evil the majority is (except for them of course) regardless of the fact that there's a 2nd term black man as president. MLK would be very happy to know about Obama and very disgusted at the slander continually spewed by hate-filled leftists.