McCrory takes dig at High Point over immigration bill

Posted September 4, 2013
Updated September 5, 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory

— Gov. Pat McCrory took a swipe at High Point furniture manufacturers during a brief appearance before the State Board of Education Wednesday.

McCrory used his time to both talk about education and explain why he vetoed a pair of bills. One of those measures extends from 90 days to nine months the amount of of time an employee can work without having his or her immigration status checked against the federal E-Verify database.

Agricultural interests pushed for the veto override, and backers of the bill mostly cited farm interests in arguing for an override. But McCrory said other industries were at play.

"Some of the manufacturers in towns like High Point worked hard for this bill because they, frankly, want to hire illegal immigrants as opposed to North Carolina workers and paying good wages," McCrory said. 

The governor did not stop to take questions from reporters after that appearance.

Later in the day, McCrory spokeswoman Kim Genardo acknowledged the quote.

"He means it," she said, adding that the information about manufacturers came from "private discussions."

Leaders from around High Point did not seem to appreciate McCrory's broadside.

High Point is home to a massive semi-annual furniture trade show, and despite layoffs in the industry over the past two decades, it is still home to furniture manufacturing and assembly operations. More broadly, North Carolina is home to or the American headquarters for dozens of furniture manufacturing operations. 

Told of McCrory's quote, Jaclyn Hirschhaut, vice president of public relations and marketing for the American Home Furnishings Alliance, a major manufacturing trade group based in High Point, paused.

"I'm not aware of a preference by any home furnishings manufacturer in the High Point area for hiring illegal aliens as opposed to North Carolina citizens,"  Hirschhaut said.

Rep. John Faircloth, R-High Point, said the governor had used "unfortunate wording" and was not correct about the motivations of manufacturers.

Some manufacturers were working in concert with farm groups because they were concerned about their ability to hire workers for physically demanding jobs, Faircloth said.

"I did not hear anybody say they were doing it because they wanted to hire illegals," he said. "I think that's going a bit far afield."


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  • itsnotmeiswear Sep 9, 2013

    There is no excuse for the E-verify not to be completed before the first paycheck is paid except to allow employers to use illegal workers.

  • bgcoving Sep 6, 2013

    One and done.

    This man is an empty suit, bought and paid for by Art Pope, the Koch brothers, and ALEC.

  • wlbbjb Sep 6, 2013

    Some manufacturers were working in concert with farm groups because they were concerned about their ability to hire workers for physically demanding jobs, Faircloth said.

    Just another way of accusing Americans of being too lazy to work for slave wages. Mr Faircloth should be ashamed

  • wasone Sep 5, 2013

    Let's see: I'm paying for other peoples free phones, housing, ER visits, hospital stays, education, daycare, all you can carry food with EBT and every other government card they can find, paying for every child they keep having, free transportation to and from everything from post office to get their government checks and to KFC and now low, easy to get GMC car/truck loans (which will soon be repoed for none payment) thanks to the great auto industry bail out. Did I forget anything all the while I'm driving a worn out 1990 truck standing in line at the food store holding my last $20 dollars with a loaf of bread and bananas trying to feed the kids and I'm the only one there with money, can speak English and is an AMERICAN CITIZEN! Stick to your guns Pat!

  • GOPtakersSociety Sep 5, 2013

    it's truly amazing how fast the sheep turn on the Herder....
    do you all have any sense of direction? I truly believe if you were not told what to think, you all would literally be walking in circles, mumbling. You complain about Illegal Aliens, now it's ok? and without any checks? are you all serious?

  • Cock a doodle doo Sep 5, 2013

    One and done Patty!

  • free2bme Sep 5, 2013

    The NC Legislature Republicans are so hypocritical. Who is going to pay for health care, food--benefits the illegals receive while in this country? You know who the tax payers. I am just curious to know where is all this money coming from to fund all these laws they have signed- drug tests, IDs, illegals. I guess the bill will be put on the backs of the middle class as usual. The rich have scapegoats, loop holes, lobbyists to get them out of paying.

  • teleman60 Sep 5, 2013

    PS - Let's all get on the same page here.





    We don't need to talk about furniture plants or allow the conversation to be spun.


    Just like NC is one of the MAJOR GUN TRAFFICKING POINTS.

    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, don't it?

  • Vote for Pedro Sep 5, 2013

    You would think he could get the number of the INS.

  • teleman60 Sep 5, 2013

    This is just the real face of the republican party. WHY WOULD ANYONE ADVOCATE BYPASSING CHECKING IMMIGRANT STATUS and at the same time be the LEADING VOICES RAILING AGAINST ILLEGAL WORKERS?

    It's like something from Saturday Night Live -- ONLY IT'S REAL!

    Real stupid, real un-American, real hypocritical, real Art Pope