McCrory signs bills on Medicaid expansion, group home funding, and possums

Posted March 6, 2013

— Gov. Pat McCrory signed four bills into law Wednesday afternoon, all of which have been the subject of a fair amount of public discussion. They include:

House Bill 66 (Reps. West, Howard, Hager and Moore) – A bill to amend the law providing for the issuance of captivity licenses and permits by the Wildlife Resources Commission. This is the measure aimed at allowing the annual Possum Drop in western North Carolina go forward.

House Bill 5 (Reps. Dollar and Burr) – A bill to provide temporary, short-term financial assistance to group homes and special care units. This measure avoids a situation in which group homes and Alzheimer's care units would have to displace residents.

Senate Bill 4 (Sens. Apodaca, Brown and Rucho) – A bill to clarify the state's intent not to operate a state-run health benefit exchange, to provide that future Medicaid eligibility determinations will be made by the state rather than the federally facilitated exchange and to reject the Affordable Care Act's optional Medicaid expansion. Democrats have argued that the state should have accepted the money.

House Bill 19 (Reps. Hastings, Moore, Arp and Szoka) – A bill to honor fallen heroes by strengthening the law that prohibits disorderly conduct at funerals, memorial services or processional routes. The measure is aimed at stopping disrespectful, and often unrelated protests, at military funerals.


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  • driverkid3 Mar 8, 2013

    It sounds like some of you would prefer to keep the waste and mismanagement of the DHHS going on than to clean it up FIRST. The savings that come from cleaning the department up could be used to help even MORE people, but some of you want it right now. Don't you want the waste and mismanagement to stop? I guess with a Republican being in office and wanting to get NC back on track is like a burr under your saddles.

  • sisu Mar 7, 2013

    Of course we should have accepted the money for Medicaid expansion. Now we just get to pay for all the states that did.

    I seriously cannot believe that possum thing got its own bill. Jobs jobs jobs.

  • liskm Mar 7, 2013

    Starve the poor, feed the possum. The priority astounds me.

  • bubbaOK Mar 7, 2013

    I appreciate him doin' this but at the same time I want to express my dismay of so many testy politicians in gov't these days. Some people eat o'possum stew. If it's gotta be a marsupial, ponder a platypus, pls.

  • katcha Mar 7, 2013

    I expected Governor McCrory was going to help "all" the people of NC? He and the House and Senate leadership have failed to represent the citizens of this state! What a way to attract new companies! I am embarrassed they represent the people of North Carolina!

  • tracmister Mar 6, 2013

    Yes, the liberal exploding heads. Oh, wait, that's until you realize how much money the state just lost and the estimated 25,000 health care jobs this would have created.

  • miseem Mar 6, 2013

    Ah yes, the smell of Liberal Heads exploding in the afternoon! How wonderful.

    If the General Assembly keeps it up, it will be the sound of thousands of voters saying - What did we do to ourselves?

  • miseem Mar 6, 2013

    Perhaps the stance on Medicaid will influence businesses to come to NC, thus creating jobs.

    Right. Those low wage companies would never come to a state that offered health insurance to their minions, at no cost to the company. They would much rather pay for it from corporate profits. Or just keep them uninsured. I doubt that many corporations consider the GA and governor's move to be fiscally responsible, creating doubt about their judgement in other state fiscal matters.

  • rosannedisney Mar 6, 2013

    Perhaps the stance on Medicaid will influence businesses to come to NC, thus creating jobs. Over-regulation is often said to be a problem, and a state that doesn't bow to regulation for the duration (forever) just to grab a few bucks over the next few years could look attractive to companies thinking about moving here.
    March 6, 2013 6:37 p.m.
    Sad that so many people think that way. Most business do not care about creating jobs. They are maximizing profits, paying employees as little as possible, and making those they do employ fight over scraps. Then they convince the average Joe that "if only" they had better tax conditions they would employ more people, blah blah. It's really just a trick to get away with squeezing more out of workers and paying less. Because we let them. Someone yells ObamaCare and nobody questions anything said after that. The masses are trained to blame Obamacare, teachers and government workers while giving a free pass to corporations and CEOs.

  • Something Smelly Mar 6, 2013

    Interesting how the Gov, House and Senate leadership could not even meet with NC stakeholders to discuss the impact of S4 on every person living in the state. Did they ask how much will this decision cost NC? NO. Did they ask citizens if we had an opinion about wasting our Federal tax dollars by not expanding Medicaid? NO. Did they ask about the jobs lost in healthcare by not expanding Medicaid? NO. Did they ask how much insurance premiums will go up as a result of not expanding Medicaid because of the cost shift? NO. Did they ask about how much more it will cost to buy insurance in a Federal exchange vs a State Exchange? NO. Did they ask citizens if they want to call Washington DC when they want to purchase health insurance? NO.

    Wake up. The passing of S4 will cost all of us in NC for years to come. The opportunity lost is tremendous and the impact great. Your Gov, House and Senate leadership failed the entire state no questions asked!