McCrory seeks federal partnership in offshore energy

Posted February 14, 2013

— Gov. Pat McCrory joined the governors from South Carolina and Virginia on Thursday to request that the federal government partner with the three states to expand off-shore oil and gas exploration.

The three governors sent a letter to Sally Jewel, President Barack Obama's nominee as the next Department of Interior secretary, saying that they hope she's willing "to revise the Administration’s current policy to one that is committed to safely harnessing our coast’s vast natural resources."

"It’s estimated that energy production from the Atlantic (outer continental shelf) could create more than 140,000 new jobs within the next 20 years, and we hope you will ensure that the Administration is a partner with the states on this issue," McCrory and the other governors wrote in the letter.

They said they want to develop policies that would lead to "responsible development of our offshore resources, state empowerment to make off-shore explorations restrictions specific to local considerations and revenue-sharing measures for all off-shore energy projects.


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  • Linger Feb 17, 2013

    So he will take money for gas and oil from the Federal Government, but won't take extra medicaid money for the poor.

    Bears repeating. The hypocrisy of Republicans know no bounds.

  • miseem Feb 14, 2013

    140,000 jobs in 20 years. Divided by how many states. It would be different if there were actually proven, economically viable reserves there. Any projection about oil production off the mid Atlantic is just a wild guess. At least with the fracking they plan in NC, we know the answers. Not much and not economical to get to market. But just think of the dozens of jobs it will provide.

  • nerdlywehunt Feb 14, 2013

    Isn't that the role of the free enterprise energy companies......just another handout to oil companies.......

  • Snookyone Feb 14, 2013

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Invest my tax money only in CLEAN and RENEWABLE energy.

  • Scubagirl Feb 14, 2013

    NO, NO, NO!!!!! How about putting money into energy that WON'T harm our shores.......???????????

    wind farms would be good.

  • jmf Feb 14, 2013

    So he will take money for gas and oil from the Federal Government, but won't take extra medicaid money for the poor. Oh!! the oil money goes to his big oil buddies...

  • jlp Feb 14, 2013

    Because black tar balls and oil slicks will definitely benefit our tourism and seafood industries. Decimating two industries to fill up tankers to ship to China is not in the best interest for our state. If you think this oil is going into your tank, you are sorely mistaken. Oil is traded on a global market and the price is set by the market and controlled primarily by OPEC. Any increase in production here will be met with a decrease in production in OPEC nations to have a zero net effect on pricing. Ever wonder why it was so important for the Keystone pipeline to go all the way down to the gulf when we already have refineries in the north that are much closer to Canada? Much easier to put it on tankers and ship it OUT of the country. I guess we can see who McCrory is really working for. Here is a hint; It isn't the citizens of NC.