McCrory says he still wants Dix park to work

Posted November 13, 2013
Updated November 17, 2013

— Gov. Pat McCrory says he's aiming to reach a renegotiated agreement by early December with Raleigh over the city's effort to turn the campus of now-closed Dorothea Dix mental hospital into a regional park.

"I want this Dix Park to work, but I also have to protect the interest of the state," he said. "Especially, I have to think about the long-term goal of needing facilities for health and human services."

McCrory made the comments before big-city mayors dined with him Wednesday at the Executive Mansion. Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane stood beside McCrory and other mayors as he took questions.

McCrory, McFarlane McCrory on Dix park: 'I want this to work'

Then-Gov. Beverly Perdue agreed late last year to lease the Dix property to Raleigh, but Republican lawmakers didn't like the terms. Legislators couldn't agree what to do next, so McCrory and Raleigh officials delayed the lease until next June to allow for new negotiations.

That's a goal McFarlane said could happen.

"We both understand this is something that we want to see happen," she said. "We did have a press conference a few months ago to talk about the agreement, and we're working hard to make sure this will happen."

McFarlane wrote an open letter to McCrory, which she {{href a="external_link-1"}}posted on her website Nov. 17,{{/a}} asking him to address the "pattern of delay" in moving forward with the Dix property.

State employees still work on the campus.


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  • SARCASTICLES Nov 18, 2013

    This is the result of ODS and DDS syndrome.

    The GOP will be extinct soon, and what wiped them out can be traced back to this unpleasant truth: "Progress has eight letters, not four".

    Enjoy eternity up on that dusty shelf with the Whigs, GOP.

  • nic Nov 14, 2013

    What we need is a mental health facility not a park. The land is not just sitting empty. All the buildings are filled with DHHS workers and the hospital has been converted to cubicles with new elevators and the Hospital Grill is now re opening for the staff on site with all new chairs, tables, equipment. If anyone thinks for one second they did all this construction to the old buildings and will now tear down those buildings and make it into a park you're crazy.

  • corey3rd2 Nov 14, 2013

    You mean passing out free cookies doesn't cure all mental illnesses?

  • dwntwnboy2 Nov 14, 2013

    "Let's face facts..we have a pitiful Governor"- we haven't had a "good" one in quite a few cycles. This one is just the most recent disappointment.

  • dwntwnboy2 Nov 14, 2013

    Not to mention there was a legally signed lease already in place. The City can still fight this if they wanted to- but are going to try and go down the "renegotiation" road to get the end result of a large, urban park in the capital city as the city grows around it. Something many cities wish they had thought about when planning. NYC is one city that did just that- it's now the jewel of the city, and the folks around when it was created said the EXACT same things folks opposed to this have said- and they were wrong then too.

  • mrr03 Nov 14, 2013

    Let's face facts..we have a pitiful Governor.

  • ccsmith1902 Nov 14, 2013

    We need mental health facilities, not parks.

  • westernwake1 Nov 14, 2013

    "western - um not really. He has done exactly what he said he was going to do. No surprise here." - notexactly

    Actually if you review McCrory's campaign promises against what he & the Republican legislature have done then you will find that he has been a failure in implementing what he actually promised voters. You can review previous N&O and WRAL articles to see McCrory's campaign promises vs. the reality. McCrory campaigned as a business moderate - in office he has acted as a social conservative. This is not what North Carolina wanted. His performance has so infuriated the citizens of our state that McCrory now has to run a TV Ad campaign in twisted attempt to get his record low polling numbers up.

    Sadly, I voted for McCrory - this is not what I was promised.

    P.S. Spending in the executive branch under McCrory has gone up over 14% - not down. Where is the waste being cut? Have you seen the high salaries of his buddies?

  • superman Nov 14, 2013

    Raleigh will become know as "The City of Parks". Dont they have more pressing financial issues rather than spending money on my parks? Raleigh reminds me of people who pay their cable and cell phones and dont pay their rent or utilities.

  • superman Nov 14, 2013

    He cut waste? How you figure that? He hired several young men with no experience and gave them big salaries. He also upped all the salaries for the secretary's. He has done an excellent job of rewarding his buddies. Hired Woes and then she paid several million dollars for consultants cause she didnt know what to do. The list just goes on an on. I wouldnt ever vote for him again for anything. Then dont forget his connection with Duke Power.