McCrory says he is 'happy' to speak to controversial group of lawmakers

Posted July 1, 2014

Gov. Pat McCrory

— Gov. Pat McCrory will be among several of the speakers during this summer's American Legislative Exchange Council conference at the end of this month.

Better known as ALEC, the group sometimes comes under fire for giving business executives direct access to lawmakers, who often return to their states with model legislation favored by those corporate interests. The group has become something of a bogeyman for the political left, who see it as pushing a business-focused, right-leaning agenda. 

McCrory said he has no concerns about speaking to the group. The late-July meeting, to be held in Dallas, is also scheduled to hear from Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and Arthur Laffer, an economist well-known for championing supply-side economic theories.

"I speak to many groups that invite me," McCrory said Tuesday. "I'm speaking to a major teachers' group this afternoon where I'm going to talk about good education policy that my administration ... is recommending."

Pressed on the question of whether traveling to ALEC, which is often in national headlines, might be more controversial than speaking to a group of teachers, McCrory said he was pleased to have the opportunity. 

"Is that the group in Texas I'm speaking to?" he asked. Told that it was, he continued, "No, I look forward to speaking to legislators across the nation and (letting) them know what we're doing in North Carolina. I'm going to be talking about the policies we're initiating that have reduced the unemployment rate. ... I'm going to be proud to talk about the policy we implemented and maybe other states can learn from us."


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  • steveclark32 Jul 3, 2014

    Yeah - to learn how NOT to run a state into the ground. What a loser, this McCrony

  • Java Jul 2, 2014

    He needs to get his marching orders and find out what legislation NC needs to pass.

  • Paul Maxwell Jul 2, 2014
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    I don't know whether we should laugh or cry. North Carolina is on the front lines of the current march back into the Dark Ages...Heelhawk--you said it best, Thanks!

  • Come On_Seriously Jul 1, 2014

    "I speak to many groups that invite me,"

    '...except those groups that have concerns and may not agree with me,' he should have added.

    Why should an uber-conservative 'make our business your legislation' group in Texas more important than teachers and disenfranchised groups in his home state? Thanks for wasting more tax dollars, Alec McCrory.

  • angelallgrim Jul 1, 2014

    Nothing like going out with a bang at the end of his one and done stint as governor. At least when the Democrats were crooked you weren't sure which ones or how involved they were. This guy doesn't even bother hiding it.

  • Kenny Dunn Jul 1, 2014
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    Is anyone really surprised he'd be happy to speak with those giving him his working orders? ALEC pretty well controls the NC government at this point. A sad fact.

  • Jack Jones Jul 1, 2014
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    Why does ALEC need to be such a secretive organization? Why are NC Republicans importing so much ALEC legislation?

  • heelhawk Jul 1, 2014

    Way to go McCrory - fly across the country to speak to a group whose sole purpose is to get corporate executives access to politicians for profit and gain when you don't have the decency to speak to the citizens of the state you are sworn to serve.