McCrory says he does not want SBI switch

Posted May 21, 2013

— Gov. Pat McCrory said Tuesday that he does not want lawmakers to put the State Bureau of Investigation under his supervision. 

The budget senators will debate Wednesday changes the investigative group from being a quasi-independent agency supervised by the Attorney General to a division of the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety. The department is run by a gubernatorial appointee.

"I never asked for it and I've got enough on my plate," McCrory told WRAL anchor David Crabtree Tuesday morning. McCrory said he rather concentrate on reforming the state's Medicaid, job recruiting and transportation funding systems than worry about taking over oversight of a new agency.

"I haven't seen the argument yet presented to me why that needs to be done," McCrory said. 

Sens. Buck Newton, R-Wilson, and Stan Bingham, R-Davidson, said their minds haven't been changed by McCrory's criticism. Newton and Bingham are co-chairs of the Senate budget subcommittee with oversight over justice and public safety matters. 

"It makes a lot of sense for law enforcement to be housed in one department," Newton said. Crime Control and Public Safety oversees the Highway Patrol, Alcohol Law Enforcement, Capitol Police and other state-run public safety agencies. 

Newton said the state would save money in the long run on training and administrative costs. 


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  • jlp May 22, 2013

    I guess Pat didn't get the memo that it doesn't matter what he wants. He is a GINO, Governor In Name Only. His only job is to throw away the veto stamp and get out of the way. NC deserves better, let's do all we can to make sure Pat is a one term governor.

  • psullyunc May 21, 2013

    "It makes a lot of sense for law enforcement to be housed in one department," Newton said.

    Really, that's the best you have? Then why aren't LEOs with OTHER State agencies included in the proposed move?? There are LEOs under DMV (License & Theft), Secretary of State, Dept of Insurance, Dept of Revenue, etc... If that's you reason for the move then shouldn't they all be moved. Sounds like a power play to me...

  • venitapeyton May 21, 2013

    Governor, stand your ground.