McCrory's speech to conservative pastors prior to storm draws criticism

Posted October 11, 2016

— Democrats are criticizing Gov. Pat McCrory for taking time out to speak to a group of conservative pastors in Raleigh about House Bill 2 Friday night as Hurricane Matthew approached North Carolina.

BuzzFeed first reported McCrory's remarks during the event, which was hosted by the Family Research Council. During the session, McCrory blasted such groups as the NCAA for boycotting the state and blamed Charlotte for passing the ordinance that sparked lawmakers to craft and pass House Bill 2, the controversial law dealing with LGBT rights.

"I don’t agree with the concept of redefining gender," McCrory said, a reference to provisions in the state law the require transgender individuals to use the bathroom corresponding with the gender listed on their birth certificates, even if they identify differently.

That stance, he said, has caused some groups to "purge" him and his wife socially, relating how Ann McCrory had been "disinvited" from charity events due to his stance on the issue.

Tony Perkins, the event's moderator and FRC's president, pleaded with those gathered to fire up supporters and back the governor at the polls.

McCrory is running to keep his job against Roy Cooper, the state's Democratic attorney general.

"Even with Hurricane Matthew bearing down on our state, Governor McCrory put HB2 first," North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Dave Miranda said Tuesday. "What an incredible failure of leadership."

McCrory canceled an appearance at another event on Friday due to the impending storm.

The governor also has been a steady presence on television since Friday giving updates on the storm and has toured flood-damaged areas. He also canceled an out-of-state fundraising trip last week to stay close to home in advance of the hurricane. His campaign dismissed the Democratic Party's attack.

"That's rich, especially considering Roy Cooper held political fundraisers late last week and launched a political ad on Friday. Buzzfeed is a liberal rag, and everyone knew about the governor's appearance Friday," said Ricky Diaz, a spokesman for the McCrory campaign. "It's unfortunate that the liberals have resorted to calling a gathering of faith leaders a hate group in order to distract from Cooper wanting to spend the rainy day fund on things other than disasters and emergencies while Hurricane Matthew continues to ravage the state."


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  • Jon Rey Oct 12, 2016
    user avatar

    Family values are firmly entrenched now within the Democrat party. The Gop is no longer the party that I worked in for decades. Shame. Jesus would preach against the hypocrites, haters, deceivers, manipulators, and those who only care about their job and not God's children. The GOP has fallen. The group sponsoring the meeting is a highly paid, rich, lobbying group that push their written laws upon the GOP state legislatures and Gop Governors. Doing the outside group bidding is hurting NC. These lobbiest groups suffer no negative consequences but are raising millions of dollars prior to and after the states pass their laws. Wise up NC. Stop the buying of votes in our state by the GOP groups. Along with the HB2 fiasco, do not forget the Well Water Scandal of McCrory administration. Time to fire the GOP, bring back good governance, and investigate the poisoning of well water and the state attempt to cover it up and let citizens drink the tainted water. Shame on Gop again!!!

  • Judy Loftin Oct 12, 2016
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    Such a sad position for the democrats to take. They think they can get rid of God, but He will win in the end. No Christian should ever vote for a democrat.

  • Stacie Hagwood Oct 12, 2016
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    Much ado about nothing. Please stick to news that is important...not some speech right before the storm. It's obvious Pat is drowning in his own deeds and is desperate, but media doesn't need to show it is desperate for dirt, either.

  • Aiden Audric Oct 11, 2016
    user avatar

    "I don’t agree with the concept of redefining gender."

    That's fine. His ignorant stance is costing him his job. We are not a state of hate.