McCrory: 'Mistakes were made' on Lightfoot

Posted February 12, 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory said Tuesday that he had no input into the hiring of Dianna Lightfoot as the state's new pre-kindergarten chief.

Lightfoot's appointment was announced last week by Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos. She was to lead NC Pre-K and other child care programs.

But Lightfoot decided not to take the job after reports surfaced that she had founded and run a nonprofit that advocated against public pre-kindergarten programs. Controversial social media posts and erratic behavior also came to light.

McCrory said that Wos was responsible for hiring Lightfoot, adding, "Mistakes were made."

Wos has not yet responded to questions about her vetting process for job candidates.


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  • nerdlywehunt Feb 13, 2013

    WOW....talking about lack of accountability. Being Governor and then laying the blame on the mysterious " mistakes were made" excuse is NOT leadership! Man up and take accountability for your actions.....just like you tell every one else to do!

  • jlp Feb 13, 2013

    Man up McCrory. You appointed Wos so the buck stops with you. A real leader takes responsibility for the actions of his employees. Here is a life lesson for you. If you appoint screw ups, they are going to screw up. We need to see more of that personal responsibility that we hear so much about from those on the right. Apparently they only want others to be responsible. At least the good news is that 4 more years of this lackluster performance will solidify your place as a one term governor. The simple fact is you cannot expect good governance from people who hold government in utter disdain. Remember in 2014 and 2016.

  • miseem Feb 12, 2013

    And it won't be the last.

  • downtowner Feb 12, 2013

    Doesn't surprise me. McCrory doesnt seem to have any input on ANY of his cabinet appointees. WRAL should just go directly to Art Pope for any questions concerning McCrory appointees.