McCrory: Mental health should be focus of shooting response

Posted December 19, 2012
Updated December 20, 2012

— Gov.-elect Pat McCrory said the state should look to ensure schools are secure and improve its mental health system in response to last week's shootings in Newtown, Conn.

"I've got to get my feet grounded as governor first. But I think we do need to do a whole review of our school safety to ensure that we have to the proper programs in place, to ensure that our kids are protected," McCrory said. "The second area I'm very interested in is mental health. Right now we have broken system regarding mental health. And this type of situation could occur here because of some people with serious mental health issues. Those are two immediate areas that I can maybe have an impact on as the next governor."

Asked about potential changes to either broaden gun rights or impose more controls, McCrory said the state has enough gun laws. 

"I just want to make sure that kids are safe," McCrory said. "The long-term solution I think is not changing any current laws — we've got a lot of laws on the books — but taking care of those people who have some serious, serious problems in their minds. I think that's where a lot of the concentration needs to be. Because if you look at all these incidents throughout the nation, it's been these loners that have some serious, serious issues. I think that's the thing we've got to concentrate on."

Asked to clarify if any changes to gun control policy were needed, McCrory again said that current regulations are sufficient.

"We've got enough laws on the books right now. We've got to enforce the existing laws on the books. We've also got to deal with a serious mental health issue," McCrory said, adding that it was important not put in place solutions that aren't well thought out.

"You don't want to develop a short-term fix that causes long-term problems," McCrory said. "You've got respond to tragic events in a state in which you come up with long-term solutions, not quick fixes that just satisfy a politician or satisfy the media or anyone else. You've got to really figure out what is the real problem and what are the long-term solutions." 

Group home crisis

Earlier this week, outgoing Gov. Bev Perdue announced she would provide $1 million to avoid a problem that would lead to group home residents losing their placements. McCrory said that short-term fix should give him and the Republican General Assembly enough time to come up with a long-term fix.

"I'm already having discussions with my colleagues in the legislature," McCrory said. "I don't think we have any choice but to come up with a long-term solution."

McCrory said he was most concerned about residents of homes for Alzheimer's patients, who are in a slightly different situation from those in group homes due to other forms of mental illness but are still at risk of having to move from their current homes.

"I've had a mom who had Alzheimer's for 11 (or)12 years, and there was no way she could have been let out on the street at that point in time. It would not only have been harmful to her but to other people."


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  • Dnut Dec 22, 2012

    Unbroken, your definitely wrong, "DOJ", 2004 study showed that someone using a knife against a gun, could get to you and cut and kill you within 21 steps, before you could remove the firearm/handgun. So maybe you should stop with the exaggerations. Really the problem with this whole blog, is most of you have no idea of what your talking about, and instead of being informed your just spouting.....sad....

  • Dnut Dec 22, 2012

    No one said that guns are not dangerous in the wrong hands, it's how you respond to such situations, (TJPC), we can't help your a spineless terd that want's the gov't to do everything for you, including your personal safety....

  • Dnut Dec 22, 2012

    Truly American, everything you said, was wrong and encroachment on ALL of this sovereign nations citizens, second amendment rights! There's no legal language anywhere that gives you or any elected official the right to tell me how many rounds my weapon/weapons can hold. You can't tell me how well my shooting should be or accurate. LISTEN UP, there is no system in place that can mandate that only the owner of a weapon be the one who cycles that weapon! PERIOD! Your just scared, tired, sad like the rest of us about this horror! But most of us aren't scared that our neighbor owns something that we don't, that can be used for good mostly, and rarely evil. You might want to seek professional help for that.

  • Dnut Dec 22, 2012

    @cwmllc1952....please stop, just stop with rhetoric, instead of facts. Everyone's heart is broken, but telling non truths, isn't going to solve anything.

  • driverkid3 Dec 21, 2012

    sillywabbitthepatriot::::Guns aren't the ONLY problem here and dismissing mental illness because of your political stance is irresponsible and ignorant.

    I will go so far as to say that the mental health issue is so far ahead of the gun issue in every way. There are a lot of mentally ill people roaming the streets that have never hurt anyone, but they still need heelp and that help is NOT available for them.

    Help is, however, available for the pet projects of the past governor and the others before her. It's available to cover the illegals, to convert Dix Hill to a "destination park" whatever THAT is, and let's not forget the free babysitting services for pre school. In the meantime, mentally ill folks are on the losing end every day. This needs to stop and stop NOW!

  • Unbroken Dec 21, 2012

    "Maybe some of these bleeding hearts here should research one of the reasons WHY the founding fathers wrote the 2nd admendment into the Constitution-it wasn't JUST to keep our rights as citizens, homeowners, families, etc for protection against evil PERSONS-it was also to protect us from a gov't of TRYANNY. And if you don't think we could ever be headed down that path, then you are not prepared.

    Don't forget to pick up some tinfoil on the way home. Your hat is starting to leak.

  • Sweets01 Dec 21, 2012

    Well said vacendak4

  • vacendak4 Dec 21, 2012

    IF you get rid of guns (which is impossible) look at drugs last I checked those were illegal, not talking Marijuana either and killing our children just slowly. Kids can come from good families/backgrounds and Lose their functionality as a human. Prescriptions being worse in some cases. Also, guns just like drugs can not kill if not used with that intent. Unless the mentality is taken care of you can not get rid of the problem. Guns/Drugs by themselves are harmless. Yes accidents happen... but your car is a deadly weapon too. And terrible accidents have happened without drugs or alcohol being involved too. Cause even one death let alone 32 deaths is not ok. I agree with working on the Mental Health system. If you take away guns, I think that prohibition will work as well as any of the others, pretty poorly. I think it is time for parents to get the help they need (cause if a parent tries to help but the system will not help=fail.

  • lasm Dec 21, 2012

    ew2152: I, nor anyone else, could have said it better. Maybe some of these bleeding hearts here should research one of the reasons WHY the founding fathers wrote the 2nd admendment into the Constitution-it wasn't JUST to keep our rights as citizens, homeowners, families, etc for protection against evil PERSONS-it was also to protect us from a gov't of TRYANNY. And if you don't think we could ever be headed down that path, then you are not prepared. My dad taught me, for everything in life on this earth, to hope(and pray)for the best-but be prepared for the worst. It has served me well.

  • dontstopnow Dec 21, 2012

    Actually the school shooting in Conn only allowed the current administration to jump into the topic of guns and controlls again. It was a shameful way to divert attention from the real issues of illegal gun possession, which they know they will never be able to control. Anyone owning a legal gun is recorded and they know exactly where to find those guns so what kind of gun control will stop criminals from attaining guns???? That is the real job to be done, not legal owners.

    We have a totally disfunctional group of people running this country that live in their own little worlds and want their own little way on everything regardless the consequences for the rest of the population!