McCrory: 'I respect the peaceful protests'

Posted December 11, 2014

Gov. Pat McCrory

— Gov. Pat McCrory weighed in Thursday on North Carolina protests responding to recent police shootings in Missouri and New York, saying he respects the rights of people to be heard but objects to those who blocked traffic. 

"I respect the peaceful protests, although I do object to the blocking of traffic because you could be causing some potential safety problems. And that's the last thing we need, because that doesn't mean it's a peaceful protest," McCrory said. "You still have to follow rules in peaceful protests, but I respect their right and their viewpoint."

McCrory spoke to reporters after an appearance before the North Carolina League of Municipalities.

He referred specifically to protests in Durham Wednesday night that responded to recent incidents in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City in which unarmed black suspects died as a result of police actions. Nine people were arrested in connection with the Durham protest after starting their protest at the Streets at Southpoint mall and then blocking traffic on Fayetteville Road between Herndon Road and Renaissance Parkway for about 40 minutes. 

"I had to deal with this as a mayor over 20 years ago, and I'm going to have to deal with it as a governor," McCrory said. "It's an issue that's not going to go away. It's an issue we're going to have to resolve as a society and as a state and as a nation. It's not going to be the last time this issue is going to arise. These are issues that the police are having to deal with every day, and they are issues that communities are having to deal with every day. We're going to have to talk through them, but do it in a conversational style, not in style in which we're screaming at each other." 

McCrory referenced a police-involved shooting in Sanford Wednesday, saying police and the public need to "make sure we get all the facts" before reaching conclusions.

"This is not an new issue, but it's not an issue that's going to go away either," he said.

Asked if he had spoken to law enforcement about these types of shootings, McCrory said he speaks to law enforcement almost every day.

"I've had conversations with our public safety department about this to ensure we have proper training and procedures in place," McCrory said. "I also make sure through the (State Bureau of Investigation) that we're doing proper investigations of any incident that might occur here in North Carolina that requires further review."


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  • bmac813 Dec 15, 2014

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    Right On PJM, Johnson Lied and the liberal Media won't find this Guy and have him go on TV and say what he said at the Grand Jury. HE DIDN'T HAVE HIS HANDS UP.

  • PJM Dec 15, 2014

    You do what..."respect"....LIES..ALL LIES

  • jackaroe123 Dec 14, 2014

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    President Obama basically said the same exact thing. There is absolutely no fundamental difference between what he and Gov McCrory said. To claim otherwise is to expose your own bias.

  • Jack Miller Dec 13, 2014
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    Accept justice where justice may fall. If you act up and mis-behave - you get punished for it.

  • Tommie Chavis Dec 12, 2014
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    First of all the report is about Gov. McCrory and recent protests in and around our state NC not POTUS Obama. You always find it easy to make any article about POTUS Obama. We don't care about him yet you have him locked in your brain wasting your precious time and energy. He will be out of office in 2016 take a chill pill please. Further more dont for get the Koch Brothers & Art Pope and gang in the NC General Assembly. Talk about buying elections and political donations.

  • BeKind Dec 12, 2014

    Exactly Governor McCrory! Now I wish the national leader had been this stern. Protest lawfully and peacefully only.

  • bmac813 Dec 12, 2014

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    Money and Power, Who are you talking about OBAMA and the LIBERALS like Jim Steyer. Of course you don't even Know who the Guy is. Multi Billionaire who gives to Obama and want to do away with Coal and Nuclear Power Plants.
    Sally answer me one question about the RICH and Obama, How come wall Street gave Obama $45 million and to McCain $2.5 million.
    Since Obama has been in Office all you hear is how he is against the Rich. HOW MANY RICH HAVE GOTTEN POORER SINCE HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE. NONE

  • Bill Brasky Dec 12, 2014

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    I feel the same way. I disagree with a lot that McCrory has done to this state...But, he is spot on in this case.

  • jackaroe123 Dec 12, 2014

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    I'm not a fan of Governor McCrory, but he is spot on w/ these comments. He is respectful and acknowledges Constitutional rights. He also takes a firm stance against actions beyond that into violence and destruction.

    Along partisan or agenda-based lines, what I would point out is that the Governor is demonstrating far, far more respect than the average poster here does. A lot of people here who align more closely w/ Gov McCrory's political values have been malicious and intolerant of even the ideas any of the protesters express. They may applaud Gov McCrory for what he says in this article, but they need to follow his example, too.

  • Sally Bethune Dec 12, 2014
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    McCrory only respects people who have the money and power to help him. This country was founded on free speech and right to assemble.