McCrory growing frustrated with budget process

Posted July 25, 2014

— Although the General Assembly held a rare Friday session to give House and Senate negotiators more time to hammer out a budget compromise, Gov. Pat McCrory said he isn't optimistic the two chambers can agree on a spending plan that he can support.

The new fiscal year began July 1, but the House and the Senate remain far apart on raises for teachers, funding teaching assistants and Medicaid spending. McCrory has in recent weeks thrown his support behind House positions, threatening to veto a budget that follows the Senate blueprint of cutting teaching assistants and Medicaid rolls to finance a larger pay increase for teachers.

The governor met Wednesday with Senate Republicans to stake out their respective positions. Senators described the meeting as a "good dialogue" but said there was no change in anyone's position.

McCrory sat down Friday morning with House Republicans to hold a similar powwow on spending priorities, but later in the day, he didn't sound confident about a budget deal.

"I've clearly communicated my issues and concerns, and I'll stand by those issues and concerns," he said. "If the budget doesn't address my issues and concerns, I'll definitely consider vetoing the budget."

He said his staff would pore over any budget lawmakers send him to ensure there's nothing hidden well inside the spending plan that doesn't pass muster with him.

"I know when you have late-night negotiations, it’s very easy to take things off the bottom line somewhere, and most likely that somewhere is within the operations of state government I’m responsible for," he said. "Not only is this debate about policy and budget, but I have to operate the government long after the legislators leave, and if there are issues of operations that are impacted, I’m going to find out before they leave or I’ll bring them back."

McCrory also is weighing a veto of a charter schools bill that lawmakers sent to him on Friday.

The bill would hide from public disclosure the names and salaries of employees of for-profit firms hired to operate charter schools. Charter schools are taxpayer funded, and most have to disclose the names and salaries of staff and board members.

The governor said he has had three lawyers review the bill but hasn't gotten any consensus on whether legislation meets the government transparency standards he has spelled out for state government.

"I've clearly stated I want clear transparency, and the way the bill is written, I'm not sure of the interpretation," he said, adding that he'll wait to get a solid legal opinion before acting on the bill.


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  • 678devilish Jul 28, 2014

    Frustrated! This proves why we need a new governor. Think about that! He cannot handle all the issues of NC and that is why he continue to mess up.

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Jul 28, 2014

    Well Gov, welcome to the viewpoint of the rest of the State. All this GA has done is pay themselves, pass legislation that benefits them or their friends personally, and erode the positive business climate in our State. All in the name of 'good government.' What a joke they are.

  • Larry Lynch Jul 28, 2014
    user avatar

    well the gov nors big picture appears to be 1- GRUDGINGLY give the teachers a 5% 2- do as lil as possible to affect clean up of duke coal ash 3- tax and re tax everything he can 4- continue to RAM his position down the throats of house and senate repubs -lol hows that workin out for you gov? 5- see how many times his veto's get over ridden... hahahaha AND GET THIS-- BY HIS OWN PARTY... HAHAHAHAHA you're a 1 n done gov-- and that makes me happy, and I am not even a democrat.

  • geraniumposey Jul 28, 2014

    Not surprising. He has all the children whining for new toys, and he has to say "No" to them because he has to pay the mortgage, buy the groceries, and pay the bills!
    Children, go home, and let the governor get on with the big picture.

  • iron fist Jul 28, 2014

    The people of NC are frustrated with McCrory and the rest of our elected officials

  • Michael Sullivan Jul 26, 2014
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    Welcome to the club, Gov, welcome to the club.

  • Concerned Citizen 2014 Jul 26, 2014

    No pity for the Governor and the Republicans in the GA. This is how you made your bed by taking hundreds of millions out of the budget and giving it to your rich friends through tax breaks. I hope the voters remember in November how the Republicans have robbed working people and children during their tenure. Where are these jobs we were promised again?

  • Eq Videri Jul 26, 2014
    user avatar

    Amateur Hour continues...

  • funnything Jul 26, 2014

    what kind of strings is art pope pulling? this reeks.

  • vt94hokies Jul 25, 2014

    Dismal leader.