McCrory getting impatient on tax reform

Posted June 28, 2013

— As the tax reform impasse between the House and Senate stretches into the new fiscal year, Gov. Pat McCrory is sending signals the issue may need to be set aside.

That's after a meltdown at the legislature Thursday, where tensions over tax reform talks spilled out into the open in both chambers. Leaders say negotiations are ongoing, but the public display of frustration is a clear sign they aren't going well.

Senate Rules Committee Chairman Tom Apodaca yanked 41 House bills from the Senate calendar, including a measure to ensure adequate funding for care for dementia patients, and put them on hold indefinitely. He called the move an "incentive" for the negotiations.

House Speaker Thom Tillis sent his chamber home for the next week. They won't do any committee work or take another substantive vote until July 8, after the holiday weekend. 

The two sides remain billions of dollars apart on their tax reform plans, with key philosophical differences about what taxes to cut and how quickly to cut them.

Meanwhile, negotiations over the House and Senate's spending plans appear to be on hold, along with hundreds of other proposals, from voter ID to gun rights to Medicaid reform. 

McCrory signed a continuing resolution Wednesday that gives lawmakers a deadline extension on the state budget until July 31. But he's signaling that it's time for the logjam to end. 

Phil Berger Berger not ready to give up on tax reform

"I don't want this to drag out much longer," he told The Associated Press Wednesday. "I either want to come to a consensus on a plan or move on to many of the other important items we all have to deal with."

On Friday, at an event in Jamestown, McCrory told The News & Record of Greensboro that accomplishing tax reform this year is still his goal, but if lawmakers can't come to a deal in the next two weeks, it may need to be set aside for now.

McCrory spokeswoman Kim Genardo stressed that the governor's goal is still to finish tax reform this month.

In response to McCrory's comments, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger said, “We are not ready to give up on our promise to the people of comprehensive tax reform. Now is not the time to cut and run.”

Apodaca said Thursday the governor's involvement so far has not helped to speed the process along.

"It's kind of difficult to negotiate with three bodies rather than two," Apodaca said.


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  • Come On_Seriously Jul 2, 2013

    josephlawrence-Time to educate yourself on NC history-the following is a simple summary of the switch in party ideologies in the early and mid-1900s.

    "The Republican party slowly became a conservative party throughout the first half of the 20th century where it sided with big business and big banks while the Democratic party trended toward the liberal ideas of fair labor and mandating corporate regulation.

    The Democratic Southern Conservatives completed the shift following the civil rights movement of the 1960s becoming Republicans, while those involved with the social revolution and anti-war efforts of the 60s gravitated toward the more liberal leadership that had taken hold in the Democratic party."

    In other words, the conservative southern Dems who held power during the first half of your "hundred years of Demo control" did indeed have the name 'Democrat' if you only look at labels, but they were ideologically aligned with the conservatives now (not then) considered Republican.

  • josephlawrence43 Jul 1, 2013

    @comeon_seriously: Ignoring the history of our State?? Excuse me? How can any rational person who is paying attention to the facts of history question, or deny, the influence of over 100 years of Demo control over our state? As far right as Republicans? How about as far left as the Demos? Who is it that has taxed and spent this state into the ground? How about the Demo. resistance to a valid and logical movement to having a voter ID? How about a Demo. resistance to enhanced abortion allowances?
    Do I need to continue.? Wanna talk about Demo tax and spend ideas--how about Terry Sanford who was labled the "tax and spend" king " of NC???

  • davidgnews Jul 1, 2013

    Art told McCrony to say he's getting impatient.

  • rushbot Jul 1, 2013

    How can this be..The NC Government, and by this i mean the governor and the the GA, are surely the finest ever bought with Kansas carpetbagger dollars..surely they can march the path desired by the Kansas Kochs, with their jackboots striking the ground in unison as they trample the rights of the middle class, the poor, the aged, and the infirm..

  • rushbot Jul 1, 2013

    He is terrified that Kingfish Pope is a gonna call him on the carpet!!

  • Come On_Seriously Jul 1, 2013

    "All those beating up on the Governor and Legislature need to remind themselves of one thing: It was the DEMOCRATS who, with over 100 years of iron clad control of NC government got us into the mess we're in now."josephlawrence43

    You're fooling yourself and completely ignoring the history of our state if you think that NC Democrats have ever been as far right as the current Repubs are left. NC has always been conservatively democratic. You also continue to ignore the GLOBAL recession that drove us here, NC has been better off than many states, and that the Rs (W) were at the helm of the country at and before the crash.

    In short the Rs are not "trying to do SOMETHING to fix our state" so much as 'fix' what their corporate lobbyist supporters want. Just look at Tillis's upcoming reward-fundraiser, the killing of the mi communications bill because Tillis has Time-Warner connections, or the 751 development for Rep Tim Moore's (R-Cleveland-nowhere near Durham) old college roommate.

  • AliceBToklas Jul 1, 2013

    This is very entertaining. Now the republicans won't even compromise with themselves.

    If it wasn't for the very real consequences this GA would make great entertainment.

  • ratracehwy64 Jun 29, 2013

    Lets cut the corporate tax rate for big business like Bank of America and then tax everything from Social Security to prescriptions...that will help the middle class, huh?
    The republican party has left this conservative behind, serious voter's remorse...can you cut w/o being a real cut throat, not our governor full steam ahead...wonder if I am the only Republican feeling this way?

  • bobbobson23 Jun 29, 2013

    Holding dementia patients hostage because of in-party squabbling over tax reform. What leadership!

  • jackjones2nc Jun 29, 2013

    Although Republicans are painfully aware Art Pope & Koch Bros brought their seats, perhaps they have reservations about dismantling our middle-class families to further reward the most wealthy?