McCrory, Forest urge AG Cooper to join suit on immigration

Posted December 4, 2014

Attorney General Roy Cooper

— Gov. Pat McCrory, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and other Republicans are pushing Attorney General Roy Cooper to have North Carolina join the roster of states suing President Barack Obama over his recent actions on immigration.

The lawsuit, which is being led Texas Attorney General and Gov.-elect Greg Abbott, seeks to invalidate a set of executive actions by Obama designed to allow some 5 million people in the United States illegally to stay without fear of deportation. 

McCrory has already signed onto the suit, making North Carolina one of 17 states represented. 

"I encourage support from our attorney general," McCrory said during a news conference Thursday. 

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest sent a letter to Cooper Thursday asking that he step into the suit. While McCrory is already a party in his individual capacity, Cooper has the authority to make the state itself part of the suit. 

"You have the authority to stand up for the people by joining this suit on behalf of North Carolina," Forest wrote. "To fail to do so would acquiesce to a constitutional violation that has the potential to harm all North Carolinians."

Noelle Tally, a spokeswoman for Cooper, said he would be responding to Forest's letter. Regarding the lawsuit, she could only say, "We're not part of it at this point."

Talley did say that Cooper first heard about the action Wednesday afternoon. 

Whatever practical effects the lawsuit may have, it is also part of the swirl of partisan politics. Not only are Republicans using it to push back against Obama, but in North Carolina, they are using it to pressure Cooper, a Democrat who is widely expected to run for governor in 2016.

"Will Cooper take a stand, or will he stand on the sidelines as he has done in the past with the popular voter ID legislation or Amendment One?" North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Claude Pope said in a news release. "(It's) time for Cooper to make his positions known, not hide behind a cloak of inaction."


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  • miseem Dec 9, 2014

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    Speak for yourself. Or as some commentators keep mentioning when it comes to taxes for schools, roads and other frivolous items, why don't you pull out the old checkbook and write a check to the state to cover it yourself. NC getting involved in this is not going to make any difference in any lawsuit. This will be for the courts to decide, not based on a show of hands from attorneys general or governors from various states. And if the courts make a decision based on the number of executive or legislative bodies for or against a case, they will have abandoned their constitutional obligation to interpret laws and actions solely on their constitutional merits, not on popularity or lack of popularity.

  • Grand Union Dec 9, 2014

    Why would the AG want to get involved in what is little more than a taxpayer funded political stunt to please the loony right?

  • dennis8 Dec 8, 2014

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    The constant conservative rant of "Obama Bad" is not a plan to govern. Old Pat has made plenty of mistakes.

  • NotAgain Dec 5, 2014

    He needs to file a law suit over the coming water pollution due to Fracking. That is life or death.

  • spiritseeker Dec 5, 2014

    I would like to know where the governor is going to get the money to pursue his frivolous and bound to lose law suit. Will he be asking his friendly Republican multi millionaires to foot the bill?

  • downtowner Dec 5, 2014

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    I'm guessing he chose to prioritize the Healthcare Law during his first term, while sidelining immigration and other less important items for his second term.

  • heelhawk Dec 5, 2014

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    since you're unfamiliar, I'll help you out. The actions of the president are neither unconstitutional nor illegal. He is following in the footsteps of Reagan and Bush who both extended amnesty to illegal immigrants to prevent the break up of families while their ultimate status was being determined. The difference is that the right wing hypocritical fringe can't stand anything that the President does.... he's a Democrat after all. I get it that people don't like the fact that the President acted, but if Congress would do their job and pass Senate Bill 744 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act then all of this would be moot.

  • Jay Tanenbaum Dec 5, 2014
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    What is the point of NC's lawsuit? What is the goal?

    Okay, so President Obama isn't going to deport the 5 out of 12 million illegals that are here, if those numbers are accurate. Let's just say he didn't come out with his executive action and just prioritized deportation of the other 7 million first. How would we know any different?

  • Smilester Dec 5, 2014

    Maybe Roy Cooper doesn't believe in wasting taxpayers money on frivolous lawsuits? The fact of the matter is that a lot of Republicans didn't like Obama's Executive Action on immigration but that doesn't make it a Constitutional violation. I hope Roy Cooper does take a stand. I hope he stands against suing the President for taking action that is well within his rights as the Chief Executive of the United States.

  • jimcricket15 Dec 5, 2014

    Nah Cooper won't do it. He is working on his run for Governor. The law no longer matters to him.

    As to maintaining our rights Jackjones2nc, how about the right to life that was lost by the two young women that were recently killed by an illegal. That is happening every day of the year in this country. For some reason Obama does not care, nor Holder, nor most of Congress.