McCrory: Don't rush to reclaim abandoned cars

Posted February 13, 2014

Cars abandoned along Optimist Farm Road in Apex.

— Although some cars were towed out of travel lanes overnight to make room for plows and other vehicles, North Carolina State Highway Patrol officials said Thursday morning that many of the cars left on the side of roads and interstates Wednesday afternoon will remain there until they are picked up by their owners.

First Sgt. Jeff Gordon, a spokesman for the Highway Patrol, said residents need to consider where cars were left when planning on how to pick them up.

Only cars left in travel lanes or cars that were posing an immediate safety threat were towed, and those efforts were being coordinated by both state transportation and local officials. Some cars left in travel lanes were also moved to the sides of area roads.

Cars left in travel lanes within city limits in the Triangle were likely towed by city-contracted towing companies.

Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday that residents need to be safe when going to get vehicles.

"We recommend that you wait until it is definitely safe," McCrory said. "Check out the conditions where you are before you go and get your car. We don't mind you waiting to do that."

Towing help

  • State Highway Patrol: 919-733-3861
  • Raleigh police non-emergency: 919-996-2999
  • Durham police non-emergency: 919-560-4427
  • Chapel Hill police: A list of towed cars is on No need to call before coming to the department to retrieve a vehicle.
  • Cary police non-emergency: 919-469-4012
  • Anyone who abandoned a vehicle inside another city or town should call the local police department.

Highway Patrol troopers, National Guard members and local law enforcement were checking each abandoned vehicle to make sure no one was stranded or injured inside, he said. Vehicles were then tagged with crime scene tape to show that they had been checked.

Trucks with the Department of Transportation's Incident Management Assistance Patrol have tried to move abandoned cars to highway shoulders where possible, officials said.

The Highway Patrol towed 139 cars statewide overnight that were either blocking travel lanes of creating a safety hazard, McCrory said. About 50 of those vehicles were in Triangle-area counties.

State law requires vehicle owners to pay for the cost of any towing done to clear blocked roads or rights-of-way, but Raleigh officials said they would waive the charge for vehicles towed in the city.


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  • hapd Feb 14, 2014

    If your car was towed you better go and get it now. Is the governor going to pay for the storage fees that are probably 30 bucks a day? I don't think so, time is of the essence go get your vehicle!! You are going to be surprised about the cost!

  • cjw6105 Feb 13, 2014

    Especially any cars left in and around downtown Raleigh.

  • Earth Brooks Feb 13, 2014

    No hurry just leave your car in the street another day. We can make do with one lane.

  • exudin Feb 13, 2014

    Good for Raleigh! Somebody there used better judgment than most of these posts!
    The guy has to show up for work; then his employer sends him home when the snow starts. Within an hour, he is trapped on the road with the others who had to do the same.
    Unless you were there in it, most of these posts are "Monday morning quarterbacking".
    Again, Kudos to the City !

  • mafiamic Feb 13, 2014

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    Especially when they know the plows were on the roads and they could have pulled to the side and waited.

  • Wacky_dood Feb 13, 2014

    Not sure the city should waive towing fees. Why would anyone think it's ok to abandon a vehicle on the road?

  • Jump1 Feb 13, 2014

    Good move, let them tow companies make a ton of money off these individuals, if NC have been prepared better this would not be a problem. It is going to cost the drive upwards of 300 dollars or more to get cars back, remember the company charges for storage as well.

  • Vera McGraw Feb 13, 2014
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    Yes leave your car - if you can pay for the tow fee. Once again.....McCrory is not real sharp.

  • Barbara Sossomon Feb 13, 2014
    user avatar

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    Not sure how you see that this came in earlier??? It was originally predicted to start on Tuesday. People just did NOT plan. They reacted when it started snowing.

  • mafiamic Feb 13, 2014

    Don't rush but if you don't get them cleared soon they will be towed...OK.