McCrory clears his desk

Posted August 23, 2013

— As of Friday afternoon, Gov. Pat McCrory had only one bill left on his desk from the 2013 General Assembly session.

After touting the fact he had signed a regulatory reform measure earlier in the day, the governor signed 32 more bills.

The only bill that he hadn't signed, according to the legislative bill tracking system, is a measure that would prevent family courts from considering "foreign law" in their decisions. Although the text of the legislation doesn't say so explicitly, lawmakers have said it was aimed at keeping Islamic Sharia Law from being given credence in divorce and other cases.

McCrory will allow that bill to become law without his signature. "The governor believes the bill is unnecessary," according to a statement from his office.

Among the bills he did sign Friday are measures that will:

McCrory has signed 334 bills into law this year. He faced a Sunday deadline to sign or veto legislation or allow bills to become law without his signature.


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  • Monkey_Joe Aug 27, 2013

    Hard working and progressive really means working hard to steal other people's money and freedoms. I hope the hard working folks of VA enjoy watching their mines close due to energy regulations.

    The people of NC are fed up with democrats and their incompetence. Enjoy that high gas tax? How about that use tax for out of state purchase? Loving those high property taxes. Yup... great job there.

  • soyousay Aug 26, 2013

    Who wins when the invisible influence causes plain folks to act and speak irrationally about US laws?....

    ...what?....the voices in their heads? ...writing in the sky only special people see?...the radio talking back?...what?..

  • 678devilish Aug 26, 2013

    McCrory is beginning to be our worse governor yet. Purdue may not have been that bad at all. Do remember the next time we vote for a governor to vote this one out and a new one for the people of NC in.

  • 678devilish Aug 26, 2013

    Clearing his desk.....does that mean that he is resigning? Oh, how we all in NC wish that. But it will happen at the next voting time. He will be out and not run a second term. Yes!

  • ger Aug 24, 2013

    I am free to choose.

  • ger Aug 24, 2013


  • ncteacher22 Aug 23, 2013

    I'm glad he cleared his desk...now, can he pack his stuff up and leave?

  • exteacher Aug 23, 2013

    Two billion dollars had to be paid to the Obama administration who refused the same waiver granted to other states.


    This is SO not true!! Obama had NOTHING to do with this, as the president has NO authority over this. This is from Congress.

  • asjdiw Aug 23, 2013

    NC has a centuries-old history of being progressive. McCrory and his ilk cannot ruin this reputation. Only Virginia is more hard working and progressive. McCrory = Georgia or South Carolina. We have never wanted to be that stupid and in 3.5 years we will reaffirm this.

  • BuglessDuster Aug 23, 2013

    "Yeah. That's why the attorney general of the United States is charging Texas (and soon North Carolina) with unconstitutional voter suppression legislation for the first time in modern American history.

    Why post a statement that you already know isn't true?"

    A better question would be why is the attorney General going after Texas when the SCOTUS has already ruled that voter ID laws are Constitutional.