McCrory calls veto session for Sept. 3

Posted August 22, 2013

— The General Assembly will be back on Sept. 3.

Gov. Pat McCrory has called to legislature back to examine two bills he vetoed earlier this month. 

“The veto should be used for two reasons,” McCrory said in a news release. “The first is to stop legislation about which I have strong reservations of being in the best interest of North Carolina. The second is to ensure the public is made aware of legislation that is not fully scrutinized. These bills meet both criteria.”

House Bill 392 would require drug testing of applicants for certain welfare programs, something McCrory has said is unfair and could open the state up to legal challenges.

House Bill 786 would exempt certain foreign workers from undergoing E-verify background checks for up to nine months, something the governor said would create loopholes for those here illegally. 

Both bills passed with more than the three-fifths majorities needed to override a gubernatorial veto. 

When a governor issues a veto, the state constitution requires him to recall the legislature so they may have a chance to override and pass the law not withstanding his objections. 

"I'll tell you what I told the governor's office," House Majority Whip Mike Hager said. "We have the ability to override both vetoes if we choose to, and I think we are going to choose to."

As whip, Hager, R-Rutherford, is responsible for assessing how members will vote in high-profile situations. He called both measures "good bills."

Sen. Jerry Tillman, R-Randolph, the Senate Majority Whip, said he did not have a formal vote count, but believed his chamber would also vote to override McCrory’s vetoes.

"The people that I have talked to are pretty firm on overriding, Tillman said.

The veto override sessions will begin at noon, although it's unclear what the exact timing for votes will be.

"Given that September 3rd falls the day after Labor Day, the House leadership has informed the members that we will not move forward with any action immediately upon convening at noon and no votes will be taken at that time," reads a news release from House Speaker Thom Tillis. "House leadership is working with members to determine if a recess will be taken to reconvene later that day (to allow time for travel) or to adjourn and reconvene on the morning of September 4th. In any event, the House intends to adjourn in advance of the Jewish Holy Day of Rosh Hashanah, which begins on the evening of September 4th."


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  • rroadrunner99 Aug 23, 2013

    This is all smoke and mirrors trying to makes the state legislature and the Gov. look like they are actually doing something good for a change. But they are still up to their same ol' thing.

  • GravyPig Aug 23, 2013

    ""House Bill 392 would require drug testing of applicants for certain welfare programs, something McCrory has said is unfair and could open the state up to legal challenges.---- ALL welfare takers should be drug tested. Making it fair across the board keeps the State from being sued. Good veto."

    Huh? I don't think you understand the process here bub.

    The Gov Veto'd the bills (saying no, do not pass them) and the GA is comming back to override the Veto (saying forget you Patty, we're passing them)

    I guess you could say they are going to Veto the Veto. Except you don't Veto a Veto, you override a Veto.

    When they do (and I'm sure they will) you'll get a failed drug testing program that will cost the state and loopholes for foreign workers. You said you felt that all workers should be E-Verified, but this bill will EXEMPT foreign workers from E-Verify for 9 months creating the loophole.

  • GravyPig Aug 23, 2013

    "You know regardless of what party is in office, they ALL make mistakes just like everyone reading this does. No body is perfect, all you can do is learn by your mistakes and move on."

    Wow! What ambivalence you have.

    BTW, these are not mistakes. They mean to do what they are doing.

  • GravyPig Aug 23, 2013

    "Our state is making good progress out of the mess the Democrats made.


    Let me help you Walt. Sears optical is having a two for one sale on glasses and Beltone offers reasonable financing on their smallest and best hearing aids. You might want to check them out.

  • GravyPig Aug 23, 2013

    "Our new state motto: "To be backwards rather than to seem backwards"

    ROFL! Sad but true.

  • GravyPig Aug 23, 2013

    My guess is that this special session is just a ploy to get the NCGA back together to vote and pass the fracking bill, probably a stunt orchestrated by Art Pope, the Koch Bros, Big Oil and/or ALEC who control the puppet strings anyway."

    I really hope you are wrong. But I wouldn't be that suprised if they did. Heck, they couldn't even make a straight forward and honest "women's health" bill, they had to try and hide it in a motorcycle bill.

  • GravyPig Aug 23, 2013

    "I have an idea! Let’s protest the Governor recalling the General Assembly as required by the State Constitution."

    Well that would just be plain dumb, protesting the long standing state statute for how the legislative process works.

    "Then we will have volunteers wear armbands identifying them as the martyrs of the protest to be arrested. Then to really prove our point we can burden law enforcement, the entire judicial system, and cost the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars so we can complain about a bunch of nothing!"

    Ok, I see where you are going with this. You want to mock Moral Mondays. You are free to do so. However, I have more respect for people who are fighting for something they believe in than someone who can only sit on the sidelines and make jokes.

  • GravyPig Aug 23, 2013

    "Why didn’t some high ranking member of the minority (democrat) party file the required memorandum with the Governor and request the General Assembly “not" be recalled to address the vetoes?"

    Because one member sending a request does not meet the criteria for the GA to not be recalled. Read it for yourself:

    § 120-6.1. Request that reconvened session not be held.

    "...unless the Governor prior to reconvening the session receives written requests dated no earlier than 30 days after such adjournment, signed by a majority of the members of each house that a reconvened session to reconsider vetoed legislation is unnecessary..."

    "It’s funny the vast amounts of hypocrites who post their opinions on here."

    What is funny is that you failed to understand the statute as it is clearly written.

    Based on your statement I can only assume that you have no issue with the GA wasting your money on a drug testing program that has failed miserably in other states. Am I wrong?

  • jerryroll Aug 23, 2013

    good luck Pat - getting 'em back!

  • marsupial75 Aug 23, 2013

    Goldenosprey, I think the GA passed these terrible bills to test McCrory. I think of it as kind of a powerplay for them. A veto (especially one that'll be overridden) can be politically costly for the governor as well, so they pushed as far as they could to see when (or if) he'd put his foot down. And then they'd show him who's boss. I don't think they calculated how this sort of discord within one party could be costly for them, though...strange political theater indeed.