McCrory affinity group going on the air

Posted September 7, 2013
Updated September 10, 2013

— A nonprofit group founded to support Gov. Pat McCrory has bought ad time in the Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte markets, according to public disclosures filed with the FCC. 

The Renew North Carolina Foundation, originally created as The Foundation for North Carolina, held inaugural events for the governor in January and this spring hosted South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for a fundraising event in Greensboro. Tickets for both days of the Greensboro event cost $10,000. 

It appears the foundation is ready to put some of that money to work.

When political groups buy time on broadcast television stations, those stations must disclose those buys through the Federal Communications Commission. FCC files show that Renew North Carolina has purchased at least $166,000 worth of ad time in the state's three largest television markets. A separate disclosure indicates the group may have also bought time on cable television, but it's unclear what that amount might be. 

The disclosures do not describe the 60-second spot or indicate what its topic might be. The ad buys do show it is scheduled to run through September. The first ads are scheduled to begin running on Monday morning. 

Late last year, founders of the group said the foundation would be a booster organization for the governor and help push his ideas before the public. Foundation president Bob Singer, a Greensboro lawyer, chairman John Lassiter, a long-time friend of McCrory and chairman of the state Economic Development Board, and Jack Hawke, one of the group's founders who was a consultant to McCrory, could not immediately be reached Saturday. 

However, it's not hard to imagine the group might see a need to buck-up McCrory's image after at least one poll indicated his approval rating was slipping. McCrory had what any politician might consider a rough week last week as the state legislature, controlled by fellow Republicans, voted to override two of his vetoes, his Department of Health and Human Services has come under renewed scrutiny for hefty contracts given to political allies and the governor angered at least some constituents in the state's furniture heartland

McCrory isn't up for re-election until 2016, although Democrats are already making rumblings about taking him on. As a 501(c)4 group, the foundation is not allowed to coordinate its activities with the governor's campaign or work at his direction. However, given that its directors are long-time McCrory allies, its unlikely the groups would put something on the air that doesn't meet with McCrory's approval.


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  • imtiredofit Sep 9, 2013

    Things must really be bad in the opinion polls for the Governor, being that they are already running ads trying to sell him to the public when he still has over 3 years to serve in office.

  • HelmutNewton Sep 9, 2013

    So a shady outside group (that isn't required to disclose it's donors) is trying to convince North Carolina voters that the lemon that we bought last November is a sure thing. Too bad we ain't buying it this time.

  • ILoveDowntownRaleigh Sep 9, 2013

    This is a test. We repeat, this is only a test:

    We, here at Renew North Carolina, would like to invest a modest amount of $150,000 to get a sense of how many voters can we sway with TV ads, per dollar spent. We can then extrapolate and know approximately: how much will it cost to buy North Carolina in future elections, now that voters have seen 8 months of Republican control?

  • ILoveDowntownRaleigh Sep 9, 2013

    "Bev II, Pat Perdue!" - headsup

    I'm gonna have to starting asking, from this point on, that you not insult Perdue like that.

  • stymieindurham Sep 9, 2013

    "Why waste money on ads for a product no one is buying."

    I bought it and will continue to "buy it" compared to what is out there.

  • free2bme Sep 9, 2013

    I can not believe there are people in this state who are not his overpaid campaign workers that actually think McCrory is doing a good job. He is ruining this state. He has already done the damage. Action speaks louder than words. He has talked enough but has not done anything worthwhile. Why waste money on ads for a product no one is buying.

  • Inside The Beltline Sep 9, 2013

    If I hear that man say "tough decisions" one more time, I'm going to scream something vulgar.

    I can promise you the bubble next to his name won't be bubbled in by me next time.

  • goldenosprey Sep 9, 2013

    crazydave, don't you realize that even 100 years ago when NC was an agrarian, segregated state it was still run by "libruls." haha!

  • crazydaveca Sep 9, 2013

    "Helms was a senator not the govenor"

    (I never said Jesse Helms was a governor.)

    "and yes he was also a democrat."

    (I also never said Jesse Helms wasn't a Democrat.)

    Is this what the current administration's party has reduced people to: using false data as a point in an argument? "All people in North Carolina who ran for office with a little 'D' next to their name are liberals" -- such a statement would make any logician's head spin!

  • jonstewartrules Sep 9, 2013

    "Amazing, democrats have been in charge for 100 years and now when someone is taking a """different direction""" the liberals hate it."

    (My emphasis on the different direction....)

    If by "different direction" you mean "down the toilet", then yes, us libs hate it. But guess what? So do many Republicans. Even when a right leaning pollster takes polls asking how our State is faring, Republican voters are saying they don't like the direction things are headed. There are of course the nearly brain-dead that like to inhabit and troll comments sections to pretend they represent the "typical right winger" and spread their fertilizer, but those are becoming fewer and fewer as our current crop of legislators attempt to alienate every single voting bloc in North Carolina. (Which they seem to have almost achieved in such a remarkably short period of time, bless their little hearts).