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Marijuana Found in Truck; 2 Women Charged

Posted June 1, 2007

— Two woman have been charged with drug trafficking after Nash County authorities found almost 800 pounds of marijuana in a rented cargo truck.

Dianna Renee Watson , 28, of 9265 Bray Road in Bailey, is charged with two counts each of trafficking marijuana and maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for drug trafficking and one county of possession of drug paraphernalia. Stella Lynn Lamm, 30, of 4754 Glendale  Road in Kenly, is charged with one count each of trafficking in marijuana and maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for drug trafficking.

Deputies acting on a tip on Tuesday found about six pounds of marijuana inside a residence on Bray Road. Inside a rented truck parked outside the residence, deputies found another 760 pounds of marijuana packed in large bundles and laced with laundry detergent to disguise the smell, authorities said.

A 13-month-old boy was inside the home when Watson was arrested, authorities said.

The investigation led to Kenly on Thursday, when authorities seized about 26 pounds of marijuana in a Glendale Road residence.

The marijuana seized has an estimated street value of about $1.9 million.

Watson is being held on a $1.5 million bond, while Lamm is being held on a $30,000 bond.


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  • sfo49er Jun 1, 2007

    And I'll bet the reporters have spell check to.

  • sfo49er Jun 1, 2007

    Hemp4 - I mean no dis-respect but your story has got me so confused - Was that the purpose of your post or could it be your smoking some Maui wowee right now. LOL - Just joking around don't get upset with me.

  • hemp4victory Jun 1, 2007

    I smoked some weed once, It was July 12, 1972 I remember it well, It was 8:00 in the morning and I was driving to work when I set fire to some doobage, I stopped at the RR crossing to let the train pass, you know that RR crossing, the one I'm talking about, the one with the flashing lights, the one down by the lake, I went fishing in that lake once, I remember it well, it was labor day 1968 it was me and my friend buddy, it was just about 10:00 in the mornin when budy hookt into a nicn', boy was he a big'un, biggest one I ever seen, well maybe not the biggist, speakin of big guns, when I was in the fith grade, I had this teecher, she had the biggest setta guns i aint never seen, when she come over to chek my papers i'll tell'ya hwat is was high noon on my sundial and I aint lyin, and she smelled reel nice too, yea, there was two of 'em coudnt hardlie consentrate with them two around, always lookin at me, and a'callin my name two, teecher said PAY ATTENTION BOY! I sed hwat,......what?

  • Irock Jun 1, 2007

    I see that you didn't major in english either. "did'nt" "there" ; It should be didn't and their.

  • zcorvettesalez Jun 1, 2007

    "I get the sense that the reporters wouldn't know correct usage or spelling if it bit them on the posterior."

    I guess they did'nt major in English. Maybe there major was pot smoking. LOL

  • goutytoe Jun 1, 2007

    Where is that stonely baloney from Alaska who has been baked for 40 years and usually writes something along the lines of "it didnt hab no fek on me" - I like his comments! Kids, just say no, or you will end up in a place where it is cold and dark and think you are ok.

    And as for expecting an article on this site to be written in standard English - lots of luck with that - I get the sense that the reporters wouldn't know correct usage or spelling if it bit them on the posterior.

  • Reason Jun 1, 2007

    Marijuana: How Stella really got her grove back

  • dogeatdog Jun 1, 2007

    Two woman
    should be two WOMEN

  • dhamma Jun 1, 2007

    Long before the comments section was placed on WRAL's website I complained about the frequent typo's in the stories not to mention dead end references that leave the reader confused. One would think that these issues would be less frequent, Especially now that people can comment and make fun of it.

  • davido Jun 1, 2007

    "I don't know about you, Cheech, but this is some of the best laundry detergent I've ever had!"