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Mangum found guilty in boyfriend's stabbing death

Posted November 22, 2013

— Most widely known as the woman who falsely accused three Duke University lacrosse players of rape, Crystal Mangum will now be known as a convicted killer.

A seven-man, five-woman jury found Mangum, 34, guilty of second-degree murder in the April 3, 2011, stabbing of her boyfriend, 46-year-old Reginald Daye. He died 10 days later of complications at Duke University Hospital.

Mangum claimed the stabbing was a case of self-defense, saying Daye was beating her in a jealous rage when she grabbed a knife and "poked him in the side."

Jurors deliberated for about six hours over two days before reaching their verdict. Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway then sentenced her to 170 to 216 months in prison.

Daye's family asked for the maximum sentence for Mangum, saying Daye was a good man whom Mangum mistreated.

"Reggie deserved to be here with us. He didn't deserve the type of treatment that happened to him," Shantia Lawrence, Daye's sister, told Ridgeway in court. "He was very cared for, very loved, and he was a loving person."

Later, Daye's relatives expressed relief at the conclusion of the case.

"We are just so overwhelmed," cousin Tracey Daye-Wilson said. "I thank God the jury made the correct decision, and we are just very happy."

Mangum made national headlines in March 2006 when she claimed that three players on the Duke lacrosse team trapped her inside a bathroom when she was performing as a stripper at a team party and raped and sexually assaulted her. Her story about the incident was so inconsistent that Attorney General Roy Cooper later declared the players innocent, saying there was no credible evidence against them.

Reaction to Crystal Mangum conviction Mangum's conviction brings relief, disgust

The Duke case was barely mentioned during the trial, but Mangum's supporters believe her past – she also was convicted in a 2010 domestic case involving a previous boyfriend – played a part in Friday's verdict.

"I feel like the verdict wasn't based on the evidence presented. It's based on what is perceived to be her past indiscretions," Jackie Wagstaff said.

Durham County Assistant District Attorney Charlene Franks, who painted Mangum as a violent abuser during the trial, disagreed with the notion that anti-Mangum sentiment in the community led to the verdict.

"Whatever happened as far as Duke lacrosse or anything else, it was not about that. It was not about 'THE Crystal Mangum.' It was about Reginald Daye and what occurred April 3, 2011," Franks said. "Reginald Daye finally got justice today. The family got justice."

Defense attorney Daniel Meier said he was disappointed the jury didn't agree with Mangum's self-defense argument, and he plans to appeal the conviction.

On Wednesday, Mangum tearfully described how Daye became enraged when she started talking to a police officer she knew as the couple returned to their Durham apartment after a party.

She said he cursed her, hit her and choked her, then kicked open a bathroom door as she tried to hide and dragged her out by her hair.

A police investigator who interviewed Daye in the hospital before he died testified Tuesday that he told her he had ordered Mangum out of the apartment because he was tired of her bringing over other men. He acknowledged kicking open the bathroom door and dragging her by her hair, but he said he was trying to get away from her during the argument when she stabbed him.

"The fact that we are all here, it's not because someone murdered her boyfriend. It's because Crystal Mangum was charged with murdering her boyfriend," Meier said.

Jurors acquitted Mangum of two counts of larceny. Authorities alleged that she stole two money orders, totaling $700, from Daye after she stabbed him.


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  • RaleighOperator Nov 25, 2013

    Her Karma has finally materialized.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Nov 25, 2013

    CaptianMorgan (sic), where do you get 85-105 years? She was sentenced to 170-216 MONTHS, which translates into 14-18 years.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Nov 25, 2013

    While this man's family *say* that he was a "good man"...well good men don't kick open bathroom doors and drag women out by their hair.

    This sounds like another Trayvon-Zimmerman case where the perpetrator bully Zimmerman got more than he bargained for and when he starts losing the fight, he THEN claims self-defense.

  • Gnathostomata Nov 22, 2013

    We give children Time Out because we know it's good for them to learn how to control their behavior and cool down.
    Why do we expect this of children, yet when an adult gets angry and acts out, especially headed toward violence, no one tells them just to walk it off?
    There's something wrong with that.
    Really? This is your logic? That we teach children, who have not reached the age of understanding, to do the right thing and walk away/cool the anger, and not adults? BECAUSE adults should know better, they, unlike children, have the ability to walk out that door and go somewhere else, they can call a cab, call a friend, report to authority, stop arguing/escalating a fight. Children with anger issues need to be corrected and disciplined; how do you do this with a grown person? They are responsible for their actions and there are consequences for bad behavior. She is responsible for her behavior and now come the consequences.

  • samr Nov 22, 2013

    Part of the outrage is that Mangum on several occasions (some prior to 2006) committed crimes but was never held accountable. One could make the argument that if she had, Daye might be alive. Now that she has, I would hope that the judge requires that she receive some counseling and therapy while incarcerated so that when she is free again, society can be assured that she is no longer a threat to herself but mainly to anyone else. We have justice, such as it is, and it's time to show the better part of ourselves. Unfortunately some of her supporters will do their best to keep her name in the news to further their own agenda.

  • justcommonsense Nov 22, 2013

    "seems she always trapped in a bathroom..." Vincent Vega

    Bingo! As to why she locked herself in the bathroom? Some women do that just to get away from whomever they are arguing with...or they make veiled threats about killing themselves....or they have actually struck out at or threatened the other person and realize that was a mistake so they go hide. There are no...I repeat... NO past DV records for this man and the lady who lived with him for many years prior even testified that he was never violent, never hit her etc.

  • Big Willy Magnum Nov 22, 2013

    "AND if Jackie Wagstaff supports her, well that's speaks volumes, and not good ones" -Scubagirl

    I agree with other comments, you seriously believe your omnipotent. You should run for Congress. Good Grief. I also have to think about her children and beyond her deserved punishment.

  • Tax Man Nov 22, 2013

    Seems her only fans are her mom and Jackie Wagstaff (the woman the black community dissed in Durham and removed from office). Just let her do her time and perhaps she will become a changed woman.

  • samr Nov 22, 2013

    Good editing on WRAL's part. Look at the video and clearly Wagstaff says "her past discretions". That this woman was actually on the Durham School Board says it all. She is also on the Committee for Justice for Mike Nifong. No surprise there and she will be surely heading up the soon-to-be-formed "Justice For Crystal Mangum" committee.

  • lwe1967 Nov 22, 2013

    I am surprised that she didn't get the death penalty. She will never leave prison with this sentence. The judge didn't say without parole? She can be out in a few years on parole unless it was there and not spoken.