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Man with 'long ponytail' wanted in Cumberland car thefts

Posted August 27, 2013

— Cumberland County detectives were searching Tuesday for a man who they say has broken into more than a dozen vehicles along Chicken Foot Road southeast of Hope Mills. 

According to investigators, the man has stolen numerous items, including a gift card from a car parked along Kalmia Lane. 

The man was captured on surveillance video at Murphy USA on North Main Street purchasing gasoline with the gift card. 

He was described as a white male of average height and a medium build. Authorities said his dark hair is shaved on the bottom portion of his head and pulled back into a long ponytail on the top. 

Anyone with information about the suspect should call the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office at 910-323-1500.


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  • daisy Aug 28, 2013

    obamacare, I got the lighthearted jest of your comment.

    sgarner, I don't care if someone has a ponytail or a crewcut...leave other people's stuff alone and especially something that belongs to a child.

  • Obamacare saves lives Aug 28, 2013

    sgarner, defensive much? What is God's name are you talking about?

  • sgarner Aug 28, 2013

    obamacare saves lives, are you making the statement that all LONG PONYTAIL wearing men are some what "tinklerbellish"?
    well as a long ponytail wearing MAN , and have been for 45 years and will be untill it's all gone, might you be a little "tinkerish" no matter waht style you and YOUR Namesake have yours

  • Pseudonym Aug 27, 2013

    Quote from daisy: "why would you take Tinkerbell Movie??? who does that!"

    You're thinking like a normal, rational human being. 9 times of of 10, thefts are made by junkies, and they're only thinking of their next fix. That's it. He didn't see "Tinkerbell movie". He saw "Item I can pawn or sell for a quick buck so I can get high tonight".

  • oldrebel Aug 27, 2013

    "It ain't me Babe, no no no it ain't me, it ain't me you're looking for Babe."

    a la B. Dylan

  • Obamacare saves lives Aug 27, 2013

    daisy, just because the man has a ponytail doesn't mean he can't be a fan of Disney, and in particular, Tinkerbell.

  • daisy Aug 27, 2013

    This is awesome that they are narrowing down on this guy! My car was one of the ones that got hit. Took my toddlers portable DVD player and her Disney DVDs...why would you take Tinkerbell Movie??? who does that!

  • dwr1964 Aug 27, 2013

    He will get caught. Obviously he isn't very smart since he keeps breaking into cars in the same area. Since the stupid ones always get caught and him not being smart, he will get caught.

  • angryingram Aug 27, 2013

    and I bet he don't have long ponytail now. Should say if anyone knows of someone who HAD a long ponytail and finally go a haircut....

  • computer trainer Aug 27, 2013

    I suspect it is not a soldier. Other than that, who knows??