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Man with gunshot wound dropped off at Fayetteville hospital

Posted April 22, 2012
Updated April 23, 2012

— An 18-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the upper right leg was dropped off at a Fayetteville hospital Sunday afternoon, police said.

Jeffrey Campbell told investigators that a man shot him with a small, black, semi-automatic handgun in the Wayside Drive area, police said. 

The suspect was described as a black man, between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall, about 170 pounds, with short hair and a white striped shirt.

Campbell was dropped off at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in a red Ford Mustang around 2:30 p.m.

Anyone with information about the shooting was asked to call Fayetteville police at 910-433-1856 or Crime Stoppers at 910-483-8477. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for anonymous tips that solve crimes.


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  • fayncmike Apr 23, 2012

    "That's it! He was dain bramaged!!!
    Disabled Vet"

    I may be mistaken Sir but I think Piene2 was referring to you.

  • da Brute Apr 23, 2012

    For crying out loud, he was just coming from church!!!

  • Disabled Vet Apr 23, 2012

    That's it! He was dain bramaged!!!

  • piene2 Apr 23, 2012

    "Disabled vet...I pray for you.
    Could it be a brain injury that got him?

  • bigal02282 Apr 23, 2012

    ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy .. And us "Liberals" don't actually worry about what you "conservatives" think or consider the "Liberal" label anything but a great thing.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Apr 23, 2012

    "Stories like this always bring the bigots out."

    Of course it does...since anyone that would say anything remotely true, even if it's done in a jestful manner is considered a racist, or bigot. We get it, and no longer care you liberals think that!

  • Gunny the Racist Apr 23, 2012

    I dont belive they just keep talking about black peopel doing this. I think its all a set up. yall need to just look to our savior OBAMA! he will free us from this.

  • KnoxOverstreet III Apr 23, 2012

    "Disabled vet...I pray for you.

    Stories like this always bring the bigots out.

  • mynameisBOCEPHUS Apr 23, 2012

    lol @ Dsabled.... he only had a pack of skittles on him too.

  • BuglessDuster Apr 23, 2012

    Don't you hate it when one of your friends gets shot and you are so busy that you just drop them off at the hospital and leave as quickly as possible? The driver probably had to pick up his dry cleaning or take his grandmother to church.