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Man who left children during traffic stop arrested

Posted May 6, 2011

— Federal and local authorities on Friday arrested a Raleigh man accused of fleeing from his vehicle during an April traffic stop, leaving two children behind.

Lamonte Edward Smith, 24, of 1213 Raleigh Blvd., was wanted on a probation violation and various charges, including misdemeanor child abuse and driving with a revoked license.

The Highway Patrol stopped a vehicle on U.S. Highway 64 Business at Rolesville Road in Wendell on April 6 for an expired registration. The driver fled the area, leaving a 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl in the back seat, authorities said.

The children weren't harmed and were released into the custody of their mother.


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  • NiceNSmooth May 6, 2011

    I actually know this young man and I keep trying to think of something positive to say about him but what he did was terrible.

    I guess I can say that he has ALWAYS been respectful and courteous to me and I know he was very active in his childrens life.

  • diana123 May 6, 2011

    just another lowlife

  • LibertarianTechie May 6, 2011

    I am not blaming the state at all--this guy has responsibilities and is obviously not following through with them; he is a man-wannabe. What I was complaining about was instead of having fees for this and that, why not collect all of the expenses at one time on tax day. This would be less complicated, and less expensive than the current system.

  • paulawindley May 6, 2011

    What is wrong with people nowadays?

  • paulawindley May 6, 2011

    Where they his kids? It doesn't say...

  • reel4fun May 6, 2011

    Libertarian Techie.....are you for real? Are you really blaming the State of NC because this loser ran from the police. I have seen some stupid things written here but yours takes the cake.

  • bombayrunner May 6, 2011

    About time.

  • bombayrunner May 6, 2011

    It is very strange, will go out on a limb here. Was watching a COPS episode where 3 young black men were being chased on a freeway in VA Beach. When the Cops caught them, they found and it was obvious they were actually good young men. The passengers said they could not understand why they could not stop their friend from running. For some reason he had to, it was like something came over him he could not control. He hadn't even done anything seriously wrong for running.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman May 6, 2011

    LibertarianTechie wrote "See what happens when you do not give the state its extra money it demands with you do not pay for your license tag, and driver's license. What a corrupts system we have!"

    Oh please!!!

    What state doesn't?

    And in some countries, the fees are much higher. If they weren't we'd probably all be driving on two-laned dirt roads, and you'd be complaining about that.


  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman May 6, 2011

    Sickens me.

    Not worthy of the air he breathes, the coward, and leaving children behind.

    Praying for the children and praying their mother has enough sense to leave this coward in her dust.