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Man sues Fayetteville police officer who shot him

Posted November 20, 2013

— A man who was shot and wounded by a Fayetteville police officer after a chase last year has sued.

Herman Harris Jr. said he suffered a number of health problems after he was shot in August 2012, The Fayetteville Observer reported. The problems included weight loss and permanent nerve damage, according to the lawsuit.

The federal lawsuit filed earlier this year seeks unspecified damages and a jury trial.

Fayetteville City Council voted this week to provide for officer Zachary Pittman's defense.

Police said Harris ran when Pittman was responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle. Police say there was a struggle after the chase and Harris was shot.

The arrest warrant said Harris had pointed a handgun at Pittman before he was shot. Harris was charged with attempted first-degree murder and assault on a law enforcement official with a firearm following the incident.

Pittman returned to duty in September 2012 after an investigation.

Police Chief Harold Medlock said in a statement that he looks forward to defending the lawsuit, but regrets the cost to the taxpayers to defend what he called "unsubstantiated allegations."


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  • mike honcho Nov 20, 2013

    Someone trying to get something for nothing.

  • DUTCH Nov 20, 2013

    Whats the world coming too ! Police are shooting people that point guns at them and resist arrest

  • sweetydmh Nov 20, 2013

    Crazy that the City of Fayetteville is paying this guy's legal bills as well as the officer's. Smh.

  • 678devilish Nov 20, 2013

    Great. He will not see one dime. He was wrong and should have obey the officer instead of running. Now he will face his dire consequences.

  • umop apisdn Nov 20, 2013

    "Counter sue, recoup the tax payers dollar."

    Does this guy look like he has anything? I can't believe any judge would allow this to move forward. I'd tell this guy, you're lucky to be alive. Point a gun at an LEO and you should expect to get shot.

  • changedmyname Nov 20, 2013

    Counter sue, recoup the tax payers dollar.

  • bdu4dals2 Nov 20, 2013

    Next time the officer needs to place a kill shot, no law suits then. You have got to be kidding!! Is there really a lawyer that is going to walk this line??

  • miseem Nov 20, 2013

    Oops. Defendant should be replaced with Plaintiff in my last post, since the crook is the one suing.

  • miseem Nov 20, 2013

    I agree with some of the other posters. Unless something comes out showing the "defendant" did not have a gun in his possession (regardless of whether he pulled it out or not), not only should the defendant be required to pay costs of the suit, the attorney defending him should if the defendant cannot.

  • Glock07 Nov 20, 2013

    This is one of the craziest lawsuits I have ever heard of, only in America. What a shame.