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Man shot in home invasion stays positive on path to recovery

Posted May 8, 2013

— Four months after he was shot in the back during a violent home invasion that left him in a wheelchair, Jason Beyer is back at work and full of hope that he will someday walk again.

“Every day there’s a new challenge, but it’s something that I’m eager for, something that I want to overcome,” Beyer, 34, said Wednesday. “The small things are difficult: Getting up in bed, getting out of bed. Wow, it’s going to take a lot of work to get this done.”

Beyer said he remembers everything about that Jan. 7 night, when two men broke into his home in the Oakwood neighborhood in Raleigh, sexually assaulted his wife and shot him in the back.

“It's a surreal experience,” he said. “It's one of those things that you think that just doesn't really happen in real life until it does.”

Jahaad Tariem Allah Marshall, 26, and his brother, Shabar Master Marshall, 16, face numerous charges in the case, including attempted murder, first-degree burglary, first-degree kidnapping, attempted murder and first-degree forcible sex offense.

After eight weeks at a physical rehabilitation center in Atlanta, Beyer is back at his marketing job at Cornerstone Therapeutics and learning to adjust to life in a wheelchair. He credits his wife for all his progress.

“Her strength that she had displayed since that night all the way through now, it's really been my pillar,” he said. “She’s taken a lot on, things that I used to do that I can’t do any longer – but has done it without complaint.”

The night of the attack, Beyer’s only thought was to protect her. According to a search warrant in the case, Beyer, who was held at gunpoint on the lower floor of his home, called out to his wife as she was held upstairs by the second suspect.

Beyer struggled with his captor and was shot when the second suspect came downstairs to help the first man, the warrant states. The commotion allowed the wife to flee the residence for help.

"While it wasn't the perfect outcome, I consider myself lucky to have gotten out of it alive, with decent function, and really mostly lucky that my wife got out unscathed,” he said.

Doctors have told him he will most likely never walk again, but Beyer perseveres with support from family, friends and neighbors that he described as “truly amazing.”

Co-worker Brian Peters put together a fundraising walk for the family Saturday in Oakwood. Money raised from the event will help pay for medical expenses and the work to make his home wheelchair accessible.

Peters said Beyer is an inspiration to everyone at the office.

“The courage and the compassion and the general positive energy that he's put forth and shown coming out of this tragic event just motivates us all,” Peters said.

The support, in turn, motivates Beyer.

“I made the choice early on to be positive about it,” he said. “I've dealt with some of the emotion. I've dealt with the anger, the frustration.”

He recently returned from a business trip to Washington, D.C., the first in a wheelchair and without the help of his wife.

“The trip itself was great because it was a test of how I could do independently,” he said.

Although challenges remain, including the suspects’ trials, Beyer said he is anxious to get back to the everyday.

“I wanted to stay positive because my focus is I want to beat this, if I can, or at least get to the best place that I can be,” he said. “I owe it to my wife, especially. We had a life that we were pretty happy with, and we want to get back to it as soon as possible.”


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  • Lightfoot3 May 10, 2013

    "the gun guts make the claim that a gun would have helped" - Grand Union

    I say MIGHT have helped, and having a means to fight back is always better than not having one.

    "Simple stats show that guns do not help" - Grand Union

    Incorrect. Your "stats" have been shown to be flawed and skewed.

    "I'll go with them over a delusional gun nut any day" - Grand Union

    In one breath You claim the stats say we don't need guns because we won't encounter bad guys, then in the next you claim we need to ban guns because we encounter too many bad guys. Are you trying to prove religion is a mental disorder? :)

  • Lightfoot3 May 10, 2013

    "Yeah the thousands that you can never actually show exist" - Grand Union

    I've posted links time and time again. Some even in the WRAL viewing area. You just ignore them because they go against your anti-gun religion.

    "he certainly didn't say anything of the kind" - Grand Union

    Perhaps you missed the part where I said "asked him that question now".

    "And stop how?" - Grand Union

    By shooting them, or holding them, as THOUSANDS of others have done.

    "The other guy already has him in his sights" - Grand Union

    So? You look for opportunity. His wife found one.

  • 678devilish May 9, 2013

    If they would put these invaders behind bars for 50 years maybe this will stop. I do wish this man the very best in all that he is going through. God bless you for standing strong. I pray your health improves every day.

  • CrewMax May 9, 2013

    He is a true hero and model citizen. His story is inspiring, and I wish him all the best in his recovery.

  • gregbscis May 9, 2013

    Glad to see Jason fight the perp, too bad he didn't have any former training to disarm the perp and then use the captured firearm against his assailants. Regardless, he succeeded in doing what he set out to do, and that was to protect his wife as much as he was able. He is a true man, a Death Before Dishonor man.

    As for a firearm, a firearm would have helped if they had something to wake them up from a deep sleep, alert them of an intruder or intruders, and something to delay the intruders.

  • lmjacobs6 May 9, 2013

    I used to hang out with Jason way back when he lived in NJ. He was always athletic and full of energy and he loved playing La Cross. I kept in touch with him on and off after he left and seeing him like this is really difficult. When I first heard about what happened, I was really shocked and saddend. But I'm glad he and his wife have such positivity to go through this ordeal and recovery. He still has the same attitude as he did all those years ago and it's refreshing to see. Also good to see all the support he has been getting.

  • Sweetgrl3 May 9, 2013

    Jason and his wife have been an inspiration to everyone.
    I hear the woulda, coulda, shoulda but if you are asleep and someone has come inside without you hearing them, there isn't a lot you can do unless you have a gun under your pillow. Even then, they can react faster than you can react.

    I pray the two guys who did this never see the light of day and I pray they get what they deserve.

  • 27501 May 9, 2013

    Really !!! four months after this home invasion (R___ & shooting) there should already be grass growing over both these low life

  • Grand Union May 9, 2013

    "Amazing how you know all the answers in the "what if" game. Please, tell us all who will win the next Super Bowl so we can all bet heavy on your clairvoyance."

    yet the gun guts make the claim that a gun would have helped.....so why are they allowed clairvoyance and not I? Simple stats show that guns do not help......and I'll go with them over a delusional gun nut any day.
    And even if they did, and saved, say, one life a day, what good is that if they cost four more innocents at the same time?

  • Grand Union May 9, 2013

    ""no evidence here that a gun would have helped at all" - Grand Union
    Other than the precedence of THOUSANDS of others in which a gun helped to save themselves and others."

    Yeah the thousands that you can never actually show exist.....

    "other than perhaps gettong him shot more times" - Grand Union
    Hmm...risk the possibility of getting shot more times, or have the means to possibly stop a paralyzing injury and the rape of his wife. I'll bet if you asked him that question now, and he was honest, he'd take the gun"

    Really.....funny he certainly didn't say anything of the kind. And stop how? The other guy already has him in his sights.....stupid grab for gun just gets him shot full of holes.
    Ask him if he would have rather had better locks on his doors he'd like that even better than any gun.....