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Man Shot in Back, Walks to Pizza Hut

Posted August 4, 2007

— A man suffered non-life threatening injuries Saturday night after being shot once in the lower back, according to the Raleigh Watch commander.

The victim, whose name has not been released, was shot near Clanton Street and Sherman Avenue police said. He then walked to Pizza Hut on Western Boulevard, officials said, and employees called 911.

Authorities said they believe it was a drug-related shooting, because the victim’s story conflicted with witness accounts.

The man was taken to WakeMed, and investigators were on the scene Saturday night trying to gather more information.


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  • spoonman Aug 6, 2007


    the city of Raleigh ran the students in that area off with all the complaints and fears of drinking and partying...created a police substation to handle that area...eventually closed it after they successfully smashed Brent Road...

    they did the same thing in the 1980s to Hillsborough Street

    and then the riffraff moves in to fill the vacuum and now it's worse than it ever was when the students were the main population

    congrats city of Raleigh, you did it to yourself

  • WilloWSnapper Aug 5, 2007

    Mr french, you are right, I know some families that have lived in Brentwood for over 30 yrs and cant even sell their house for what they could've 6 yrs ago, it makes you want to cry

  • Scarecrow Cow Aug 5, 2007

    I would honestly rather live in a tent in the woods than in a housing project. This is why! I'd have a better chance of surviving the elements than the dangerous scum that live there!

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Aug 5, 2007

    You go, Steve!!!

    I never knew how a person drawing disability because they could not work could create babies. If they are able to do that hard work they could work somewhere.

    I've never understood that either. Nor have I ever understood how these young girls with more children than sense get $400-$500 in food stamp money (and never worked a day in their lives) while our elderly (most of whom have worked hard all their lives) get $10 a month. Where's the logic?

  • treasure Aug 5, 2007

    The corner of Sherman and Clanton is also home to immigrants, illegal and legal. The apartment buildings on that corner are not public housing, just cheap. I know some families that
    tried to live there. They were new to the US, in the country legally, and didn't know any better. Rent was cheap and they could walk to work at businesses along Western. Neighbors "living in the shadows" were noisy until all hours of the morning. Police were called frequently, but no one seemed daunted by the police. All varieties of human life sauntered by and the cockroaches ruled. Fortunately they have been able to move.

  • gopanthers Aug 5, 2007

    King of Cowards. Shooting someone in the back. Just how low can you be.

  • raleighpack Aug 5, 2007

    what you said is sad but true mr. french

    i still fox croft is one of the nicest subdivisions in raleigh my parents have always dreamed of buying a house in here ever since our family came here in 1987 but around that area it is now predominantly minorities and illegals

    sad to see the way things are developing since nobody enforces immigration rules

  • Mr. French Aug 5, 2007

    The same thing is going on in North East Raleigh in and around Brentwood, New Hope Church Road, Capital Blvd. I remember when Foxcroft was one of the nicest neighborhoods in Raleigh. Starmount, Brentwood, Shamrock Meadows, were all nice middle class suburbs.

    Now they're crack havens, with a few elderly people desperately holding on to thier lives' investments.

  • ladyblue Aug 5, 2007

    Keyboom- i read your article and wondered where that came from. It's time to stop blaming these people problems on the government. I hate to tell you but it is the liberals who keep passing out the money to the lazy folks. I never knew how a person drawing disability because they could not work could create babies. If they are able to do that hard work they could work somewhere.

  • ladyblue Aug 5, 2007

    Maybe it's time the police start deputizing citizens to help them out. Seems like they got more on the scoop of things. Give them a badge, vest and a pistol and let them make citizen's arrest. At least then the ACLU would have something to gripe about.