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Man shot by officer in Durham standoff dies

Posted September 17, 2013
Updated September 18, 2013

— A man waving a gun and shouting in a downtown Durham plaza was shot by police Tuesday after an hourlong standoff. He died at the hospital a short time later. 

In WRAL video from the scene, the man appears to say "shoot me" repeatedly while pointing his gun in the direction of police. 

His name was not released.

Officers responded to reports of an "apparently distraught" man with a gun near the bronze bull sculpture on Corcoran Street around 4:20 p.m., police said. After about an hour of attempting to negotiate with him, the man pointed his gun at police and one officer fired at him. 

That officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay while the State Bureau of Investigation looks into the shooting, which is standard procedure in an officer-involved shooting.

Several streets remained closed in the area Tuesday night, including Parrish, Market, Rigsbee, Foster and Corcoran, while authorities continue their investigation.


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  • mojaintsmall Sep 18, 2013

    Another mentally challenged individual executed by a NC law enforcement person.

  • Alexia.1 Sep 18, 2013

    "certified expert in the field are just plain silly." --Lightfoot3

    Like the police officer who is crawling on the ground near that tree? Talk about a very silly thing to do. He's close range and if the gunman did want to take action, he'd be dead 5 times before he could get up off the ground.

    We were not there, but logic still dictates. The man was stationary. Thus, any risk is to physical objects visible to the gunman.

    Stand at a distance behind protection. He'll either make a provocative move or give up. It might take all day and night, but he'll go one way or the other.

    He was there for an hour. Is there nothing better one can come up with to subdue the guy other than shoot him? Gas? Sniper who can disable his weapon? We could bring a tank from Ft. Bragg in that timeframe.

    Actually, that would be funny. The police should have an armored car with a big gun mounted on the top.

  • Lamborghini Mercy Sep 18, 2013

    thepeopleschamp - Would you be willing to literally bet your life and the lives of others on that?

    I sure would based on yesterdays circumstances. I'd load 5 real slugs and 1 rubber slug in the chamber and I'm all set. That rubber shot hitting him from the back off guard is going stun him pretty good to where he wouldn't know the difference from being shot for a good 10 seconds. And while I'm at it, I'll also say Cops need to use this method more and toss the tasers in the trash.

  • Lightfoot3 Sep 18, 2013

    "The real whining and complaining is coming from people who play monday morning quarterback like they were on scene at the shooting. Reality check." - Offshore

    EVERYTHING posted on an Internet forum, that is free for all to post on, should be taken with the grain of salt that we are posting with limited firsthand knowledge, and based on what we know at the moment. It can always change. Those that take posts as gospel fact really aren't paying attention.

    But those that think you can't comment or have insight unless you're a certified expert in the field are just plain silly. Before I learned to fly airplanes I still knew how they worked.

  • Offshore Sep 18, 2013

    Some might, others don't. If they are going to whine and complain about it, or get their wives to complain about it, perhaps they should look for another job. It SHOULD take a special caliber of person to be a cop. Unfortunately, the bar is very low so you have folks wearing badges and guns that consider themselves as top priority. Real cops (not their wives), or at least those claiming to be cops, post this sentiment on WRAL.

    The real whining and complaining is coming from people who play monday morning quarterback like they were on scene at the shooting. Reality check.

  • Offshore Sep 18, 2013

    That's the problem. If that's their number one objective, they should find another job. Being a cop should take a certain caliber of person, with a calling to "protect and serve" the public, not someone who's interest is numero uno.

    This I agree with, unfortunately, it depends heavily on hiring laws/practices.

  • Jack Flash Sep 18, 2013

    " 'Had the guy been shot with a rubber slug from the back this issue would have been resolved without a death on their hands.' Lamborghini Mercy

    Would you be willing to literally bet your life and the lives of others on that?"

    They waited until he pointed his gun at them before shooting him. At worst, a preemptive shot w/ a rubber bullet would have incited him to aim his gun at them at that time, at which point they could have shot him dead just like they did. It would have been nice if there had been some other stop-gap measure in place to avoid any death.

  • wakemom Sep 18, 2013

    Just looked at the video. Holy Moly! Who's that officer on the ground next to that short brick wall?! He set himself up as a target with no means of protection or retreat. THIS is what they call negotiating? If I was in that position, and someone pointed a gun at me, I'd fire. HOWEVER, I would NEVER put myself in that position to begin with. That's just asking for trouble. Looks like they need better training.


    yeah he was in close quarters

  • bdu4dals2 Sep 18, 2013

    I wasn't there so I don't know what prompted the policeman to shoot. Know this, point a gun at me and I WILL shoot you. Now I don't know what they had for non-lethal, but maybe a sniper could have taken the gun out of his hand at a safe distance...who knows?

  • remer54 Sep 18, 2013

    It happens every day and slot of cilivans are unarmed I thought he had a gun not a camera or cell phone. No swat on site I ve seen some videos they shoot the gun out of the person hand. Need to o back to fire only when fired upon. If they cant handle the job they do not belong in it. 2. If they are going to take guns away from people with mental issues and being short term death in family or whatever reason then that also means all people including the law officers FBI SBI HOMELAND SECURITY AND ON AND ON.