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Man shot after altercation with Fayetteville police

Posted August 27, 2012
Updated September 18, 2012

— A man was shot by a Fayetteville police officer Sunday evening as he tussled with officers investigating a report of suspicious activity.

Officers were canvassing an area near Covenwood Drive in west Fayetteville around 8:40 p.m. when they encountered Herman Harris, 38, whose address was unavailable.

The officers chased him for about a quarter-mile to King's Cross Apartments on Morganton Road, where a struggle occurred, and officer Zachary Pittman shot Harris.

Harris, who was recovering from his injuries at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Monday afternoon, is expected to be OK, police said.

They did not say why he might have run from police.

Fayetteville police declined to comment further on the matter, which is being investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation – a standard procedure in officer-involved shootings.

Pittman, who has been employed with the police department since May 2010, was placed on administrative duty, which is also routine in such cases, pending the outcome of the SBI's probe.


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  • Wolfheel Tarpack Sep 4, 2012

    Why waste the court's, the judge's and the police department's time? Lock him up for good. He's a menace ... see his record.



  • beachboater Aug 30, 2012

    If you run from the police, you create a suspicion of guilt where one may have not existed before.

    Run from the law, expect the consequences.

  • cbowens3 Aug 29, 2012

    where does it state the car was stolen??

  • gabewilliams12 Aug 28, 2012

    The car was in the system as STOLEN...Duh!!!An innocent person does not run or try to grab the cops gun.

  • globechickecu Aug 28, 2012

    Ok first of all I am not sure many innocent people run from the police for no reason. Two, dont just starting posting comments before you have all the information. The reason that he was labeled as suspicious is because the car he was driving was STOLEN!!!! But I am sure we will find a way to make this heroic cop look like the bad guy and the criminal a victim. There is also a good chance that if a criminal tries to grab a gun out of a cops holster they will be shot, just saying.....Prayers for Pittman and his family :)

  • gunny462 Aug 27, 2012

    "bang bang freeze don't move, respect my authority. your honor he must have been guilty he ran.technetium9"

    And why were the police there? Oooh that's right a citizen called it in "investigating a report of suspicious activity".

  • oldcorp Aug 27, 2012

    Here's a clue: Don't run. Follow and obey instructions.
    Yes, I know that's too complex for many to follow.

  • ftpc99 Aug 27, 2012

    "your honor he must have been guilty he ran. -technetium9"

    I'm sitting here trying to think of any other reasonable justification to run away when a police officer shows up, and continue running for a 1/4 mile... nope, can't come up with anything.

  • Just the facts mam Aug 27, 2012

    Glad the Officer(s) were not hurt!

  • technetium9 Aug 27, 2012

    bang bang freeze don't move, respect my authority. your honor he must have been guilty he ran.